1. 6 foot under

Crook and broken yet im together,

Nodding mechanically yet I feel that im missing,

Like the piece to a chess board,

I have abandoned my post and im scared.


Crowded streets and blurring lights,

Skin buzzes as dense color hits my pores,

Ah the irony of being lost,

Ah the irony of utopia within the rain.


But im not ready to come back down,

It's nice and far where im standing,

And even though I know nothing yet of surroundings,

Im ready to venture to places I once dreamt unimaginable.


Wake me up when im underground,

Where the dirt lays upon my cold corpse,

For only then can I be awaken from this dream,

This haze that is bringing me closer to once was home.


Take me away when I have something,

For nothing will last forever,

As is life and everything beautiful.

Trip me up when I start to smile,

Since that happiness is considered sarcastic normality.


Take me away,

But only when im ready,

I hunger for something,

But I am yet to find out what it is.

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