Dangerous job.

Story about the girl named Barbara Palvin,who becomes a part of world known gang.Story about the love,betrayal and criminal...


1. One :D

"Mom,please let me out.I won't go out next week.Please,mom."-I was begging my mother to let me out whit friends-
"No,honey.You said that last week,and week before that,and all weeks before this.."-she said coldly-
"But,mom all of my friends,are going out.I'm the only one who's TRAPPED in this stupid house."-i yelled,because it's true-
"Yes.But your friends are not like you.You are Palvin,from respectable Christian family.And u can't behave like others."-then I got mad-
"Do u think on Bella or Hanna?"I brazenly asked,and give her a coldly look-
"I think of all..."-I din't let her to finish-
"I'm so sick of u.Of u and of dad.You always ban me party's,TV,u take my phone.What's wrong whit u?I'm 18.And I'm not stupid."
"In ur room young lady.You aren't going anywhere.I whis u best while whatching TV."-she said and went to the kitchen-
I climbed upstairs,and lock into my room.I want normal life.I mean,I have all I wish,that's true.I have parents who love me,and who will give all for me,but I don't have freedom.I can't party,I can't dring,I don't have right for fun.It's like they taken my life.I went to bathroom,and took a shower,after that I wore black shorts,white T-Shirt with the inscription 'Dangerous girl' and black Supras.I'm going on that partz.I unlocked my room door,but I didn't came trough them.I came trought window,after that I called Hanna.

"Yo,girl.U coming??"
"I've done something terrible.I sneaked out,and I'm coing at ur place."
"Nothing special for me,but for u..Wow.I'm proud to be called ur bff."-she said while laughing-
"Is Bella there?I'm coming for about 10 minutes."-I spoked in my phone while running to Hanna's house-
"Yeah,she's here.Then,see ya."-the call ended-
Men,what a night.U can barely see ur own finger,and ther's no stars on sky.That's not good,at all.Lot of bad thing could happen.But I don't care,I don't have time for that.I'm going on party,I should have fun.I camed to Hanna's place,and ofcourse I entered whitout knocking.I looked for Hanna,or even Bella,but it was like they don't exist.While looking I hit in one guy.Oh,shit,I know him.
"Sorry,I didn't pay attention.Please forgive me.."-I told him-
"U could look,but it doesn't matter.What's 'angel' doing on this party?"-He asked mockingly-
"Ahh..I don't have rest anywhere."-I rolled my eye's and exhaled.-
"Someone is angry?Sorry,I don't wanna be punished.HAHAH."-he started laughing-
"It's enough.What the fuck is wrong whit u?I'm not angel.If I was angel u wouldn't see me.So,piss of,please."-I told him brazenly-
"Girl.."-he grabed my arm,and anger flashed in his eyes.I was frozen.-"Whatch while tlaking to me.I'm not like others.They call me 'Danger'!"-He said angrily-
"Yup,I know.Stupid name for a stupid person.you're not dangerous."
"You are testing me?No more playing.Get out my way."-he said while passing me-

That was close.He could kill me.Lucky me.Argh,why do I always love bad boys?Good girls like bad boys,I regret for that.Oukej,which girl doesn't like Justin Bieber?Bitch please!I mean,in our town he's DANGER,bad boy,sex icon.But still,I was 'angel',and there's no chance that I can be whit him.I din't find Bell or Hann,so I took bottle of whiskey and went to the balcony.Ah,finally peace and whiskey.I pulled out of the bottle once,twice until until I drank all of it.It was hard to stand up and to take another bottle so I continued sitting in silenc.Someone came  and sat down on a chair next to me.I didn't move my view from stars.Until he spoked.Why is he spoiling the peace?Argh,men's.
"You know,u arent an 'angel' like everyone is saying."
"Oh,someone finally get it.Okay,what do u want?"
"I need a favor."-he said coldly-
"Yeah?Justin Bieber needs a favor from me.By which good?"
"Money and u!"-he said,and smiled-
"U can have money,but me..NO."-I literally yelled-
"Nolens volens.Chose shawty."
"NO.you can have money,but u can't have me.And for what fuck do u need me?"-I asked him-
"For one small job.Only girl can do it."
"Ask Meridith,she would love to."
"She's not capable for that.But u are."
"Huh?And for what is she capable?For sex?I think she's not capable for that,too.What whas it comes?"
"Transportation of weapons."-He sad ignoring my comment about Meridith.Obviously he like her-
"Druga Bieber?Feel free to tell me."
"Transpotation od weapons,I don't transport drugs.Only killing,and u know it."
"Oukej,why are u angry?"
"We'll do it like that?Ok,u are going whit me."
"I don't wanna..."
"Then I'll have to kidnap u."
"I'm staying see ya."

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