Falling For Three

Meg Sugg is back once again and she's back with another baby to join her and YouTuber husband Joe's family. Their daughter Sofia is now 2 and new baby is 8 months. With Joe wanting one more child after this new baby, but Meg wanting no more for another few years, are they going to make a compromise? Or will Joe finally get his way? Find out in the third instalment of the popular series, Falling for Three


4. So much to do, in so little time

It was 2 days after the minor blip in Meg and Joe's morning routine and today was the day that they were heading to London Zoo with the girls for the day. Meg got up at half past 8, as Joe was up with the kids and headed downstairs to make breakfast for the girls, as Joe had probably made their's before washing them and dressing them ready for the zoo. Meg fed Aubree her food pouch and Sofia her jam and toast, before cleaning there faces and taking them upstairs. "Sof, what do you want to wear today honey?" Meg asked as they went into Sofia's room. "My Frozen top!" Sofia squealed. "Ok." Meg said, getting the primark top and some skinny jeans out of the drawers and dressing her daughter. "Sof, you get some socks out baby. I have to dress Aubz." Meg said, seeing her daughter stick her head through her top and both legs through her jeans. "Ok mummy." Sofia said, going to her sock drawer and probably getting her frozen socks. She changed Aubree before dressing her in a pink top, some pink baby leggings and pink socks, getting out her pink Minnie Mouse coat and some pink shoes. She stuck a little bow in Aubree's fine hair and then went downstairs, Sofia emerging from her room and grabbing Meg's hand. She gave Joe the baby and put Sofia down in front of an episode of Sofia the first. "I'm just gonna go get dressed, I'll be two minutes." Meg told Joe before heading upstairs to their bedroom. She picked out a white Jack Wills top, a black hoodie, some black skinny jeans and got her black converse slims out of the wardrobe. She put her brown hair in a pony tail and put on some foundation, eyeliner, mascara and some pale pink lipstick. She picked up Sofia's pink converses that she forgot to get out and headed back downstairs. "Put Aubree in her chair in the living room, I'll sort out the food and everything." Meg said. "Oh and give Sof these!" She yelled, throwing Joe the converses. "Whatever you say!" Joe laughed. "This trip better work out!" Meg thought to herself. 

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