Falling For Three

Meg Sugg is back once again and she's back with another baby to join her and YouTuber husband Joe's family. Their daughter Sofia is now 2 and new baby is 8 months. With Joe wanting one more child after this new baby, but Meg wanting no more for another few years, are they going to make a compromise? Or will Joe finally get his way? Find out in the third instalment of the popular series, Falling for Three


2. Mum life.

"Joe!" Meg yelled to her husband. "What?" He asked, walking upstairs to the room where his wife was stood. "Will you change Aubree, I need to get Sof in the bath and put her to bed, but I need Aubree changed, fed and in bed now." Meg said, grabbing her eldest daughters Disney princess towel and taking it into the bathroom, where Sofia was stood in her Cinderella dressing up dress. "Come on Sof, in the bath." Meg said, taking of her little girls dress and placing her into the bath full of white bubbles. She washed her hair and gave her some toys to play with for five minutes so she could go and get Sof's Disney store PJs and underwear. "Have you done with her yet?" Meg asked, going into Aubree's pink nursery next door to her and Joe's bedroom. "Yes, she's had some of her bottle and went straight down, I'm not as bad as I used to be!" Joe joked, leaving their baby's room and closing over the door. "Do you want me to sort out Sof?" He asked, kissing Meg on her cheek. "No, you've done enough. Besides, you do enough everyday." Meg said, kissing Joe before going to sort out Sofia. She went into the bathroom to see her 2 year old sat playing with bath crayons, her short brown hair clinging to her tanned body from the holiday they had just been on to Spain, their first family holiday with Aubree and Sofia. "Come on Sof, time to get out." Meg said, grabbing the towel and pulling the plug. Sofia climbed out of the bath, letting Meg pat her dry and put her in her PJs and night time nappy to try and stop her wetting the bed as she had almost finished potty training. Meg dryed her hair, helped her brush her teeth and then took her to say goodnight to Joe before putting her to bed. "Night mummy." Sofia said, yawning before closing her blue eyes. "Night baby." Meg said, closing the door and heading downstairs. "The girls OK?" Joe asked, waking up from a nap he must have had whilst she bathed Sofia. "Yep, Aubree's sound asleep and Sof's tired so she'll go down fast." Meg explained. "Well, I'm gonna go and have a shower, care to join me, Mrs Sugg?" Joe asked, provocatively. "I will, Mr Sugg." Meg said, kissing her husband before running upstairs to the bathroom.

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