Falling For Three

Meg Sugg is back once again and she's back with another baby to join her and YouTuber husband Joe's family. Their daughter Sofia is now 2 and new baby is 8 months. With Joe wanting one more child after this new baby, but Meg wanting no more for another few years, are they going to make a compromise? Or will Joe finally get his way? Find out in the third instalment of the popular series, Falling for Three


6. Day out with the daughters

Meg was today taking the girls out shopping in London, whilst Joe met up with his YouTube friend Marcus Butler and his girlfriend, Niomi. Meg got to sleep in until 9, as Joe got up to feed and entertain the girls. She dressed Aubree in a pink baby gro and some  jeans, with pink baby UGG boots that Zoe had bought her from Florida as it was cold outside. Sofia was dressed in a Disney princess T-shirt, some jeans and her UGGs that Zoe had bought her. They drove into London at around 10:30 and started the shopping spree off at the Disney store, Sofia's favourite shop as she always bought a toy or teddy or item of clothing (or anything they sold that she loved). Sofia bought an Ariel and a Rapunzel teddy, a Olaf plushie, a princess towel, a Sofia the first DVD and a Sofia the first teddy bear. After that they went in almost every other shop in Oxford street and the side streets before they headed home at 3 o'clock. Meg fed Aubree and put her down for a nap and gave Sofia something to eat before putting her in front of the TV with her new DVD and a bottle of juice. Joe arrived home at 5 with takeout food so they sat and ate together before putting the girls to bed and having a bath together. "I can't believe its almost been a year since we got married, you telling me about Aubree.." Joe said, Meg kissing his cheek. "Its been a good year though." Meg said. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have my beautiful Sofia or my beautiful Aubree. Your the best thing that's ever happened to me, Meg." Joe said, kissing her passionately before they spoke for a bit longer and jumped out of the bath. 

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