The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


3. The Third Wheel :3




It was a boring weekend for Melanie, she was slumped lazily on her couch as played an annoying yet addictive game called Flappy Bird that was interrupted by an unexpected text message. She began to wonder who the message was sent from. She decided she had played enough flappy bird for a week and closed the application and check who sent her the message. Her heart almost did a double take when she read the simple message.


Hey, can we talk its important. Alex 


So many thoughts began to race all around her mind : why did he text her? What did he want to talk about? How important was it? All she could do was to push the thoughts aside knowing if she was to  continue overthinking the situation, she would probably end up regretting it later. She quickly typed her reply asking him where she was to meet him. 


She quickly brushed the angry knots in her hair before mounting her bike and cycled to the park to see him. Words couldn't describe how she was feeling, her heat beat had dramatically increased and the fluttery feeling was not going to leave anytime soon. The fact that Alex had asked her if she wanted meet him to talk about something which was clearly important was a somewhat significant event for her. She would just have to wait and see what was in store for her at the park.


Once she had arrived, she sent a message letting hime know her whereabouts and was later told me where she was to meet  up  with him. As she approached the location where they were to meet, she began to take her surroundings into account the area was a bit secluded. The first thing that came to her mind was what he could be possibly plan on her telling her in this kind of place? Maybe he had other intentions like kidnapping her or worse...bringing her precious life to en end. She immediately began to feel queasy and uncomfortable. Sweat began to form around her palms as her anxiety levels gradually increased as her distance to her final destination decreased. 


Once she was close enough, she could look far enough to distinguish what appeared to be the outline of a person. The figure in the distance noticed her presence to and started to flail its arms motioning Melanie to move towards them. She wasn't sure why, but she followed their directions and was glad she did because I was face-to-face with him, with Alex.


He smiled at her, "I'm glad you came."


"So what's so important that you made me come here?" Melanie asked, adding some sass to her tone in attempts he gets the hint that she meant business.


"How will I put this, It's because..." he fumbled as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.


"Well just tr-" Melanie tried to assist him but was unable to finish her sentence because Alex kissed her. It wasn't hot an heavy, it just a simple and sweet kiss that lasted for a few seconds.


It felt so right, like this was finally meant to happen but despite how sure the moment felt she just couldn't shake the feeling of something unpleasant.


"What was that for?" she questioned him curiously, wanting to find out the reason for the unexpected kiss, not that she didn't enjoy it.


"Mel, I like you... a lot and I just didn't know how to tell you." his cheeks began to redden but he tried to hide it by facing the ground.


She never got to see this shy and vulnerable side of  Alex. it was quite cute and she was happy but something felt...odd and she didn't like it at all. 


"I like you too." she replied cheerily as well, finally glad that this moment was actually happening.

"I know this is sudden but will you go-"


His voice was cut off and wet and slobbery substance dripped on Melanie. Her eyes quickly opened, only to realise that it was all a dream and her dog was responsible for the wet feeling; it licked her foot to try and make her play with him. 


And once again she was left alone feeling empty.


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