The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


12. The Third Wheel :12

It was short break and I went to buy some snacks to eat. Emily and I and usually go together to buy cookies but Emily bought a soda with hers. As we were eating, we were walking around the school for sometime until a girl from our year came up to us and started talking with us. It felt awkward because we barely talked to her but nevertheless we still replied. Once it was time for us to go back to class, we said our goodbyes and left to our classes.


Chloe was the name of the girl that joined us. She was actually funny and nice. We had a lot of things in common; like a similar taste in music, style and so on.

Little did I know that after meeting her things would be different.


Usually, Emily and I text to each other after school but, ever since we started talking to Chloe it gradually ceased. One day we’d talk to each other until we have to sleep and the next, we just ask for homework or chat a bit and that’s it.


In that time, Emily and Chloe gradually become closer and closer until the point the point that whenever I was with them I’d just leave because they’d whisper stuff to themselves so I didn’t what they were talking about and it continued like that ever since then.


Author's Note

Its official, this book will ending at chapter 15.

Also the new book will a Niall Fan Fiction but its AU.

It was posted on my Wattpad so the updates will be fast until a point.

I will post the remaining chapters today,

And the last tomorrow, I've planned it all out. 

The new book will be way longer than this,

chapter and word wise.

Than you for supporting this book!

The early access code for my new book,

will be posted on a mumble and on the last chapter of this book.



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