The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


10. The Third Wheel :10

Today was his first day of school and he was so quiet and shy; I know how he feels, I have been the new girl a few times and it wasn’t always great. We were on break so and everyone wasn’t talking to him so I decided to give him some encouraging words.


“Hey.” I said nicely.


“Hello.” He had an accent, they told us he came from a French school.


“Don’t worry, everyone’s nice.” I tried to make him feel more comfortable.


“So you speak French right?” I asked a bit curiously.


“Yeah and some Spanish.” He pulled out his phone and began to use it.


Well this got a bit more awkward, “Can you do something for me?”




“Can you like, start talking in class when you start school officially?” I was hoping he’d agree and luckily he did.


He stayed quiet throughout the rest of the day only speaking a few times- when the teachers asked him questions. When school closed we had dance rehearsal, thankfully I’m terrible at dancing so I wasn’t part of it.


I went to the back of the hall to watch and a few minutes later Alex came in and joined me because he was new and he didn’t really want to join them. He pulled out his phone again but this time I asked him if I could use it. He willingly agreed and let me.


“Oh…can I see your pictures?” I shook his phone in his face.



“Yes…but I want to delete some stuff first and I promise I’ll let you.” He looked a bit flustered so I just pitied him and gave him. When he finished he returned it I smiled and just played games on it.


Just before I went home, we had a note we had to finish and he completed it already so I asked him for his note. I flipped through and I could barely make out what his writing.


“Um, I can’t see your writing, how will I finish the note?” I showed him the note.


“Well, you could give me your number so whenever you get stuck you could send me a picture and I’ll tell you what it says.” He suggested.


“Thanks that a great idea.” I put my number on his phone, took his note and went home.


When I arrived at home, the first thing I did as soon as I entered was to save his number on my phone. Once that was done, I started to finish the note. It wasn’t long before I spotted a whole sentence I couldn’t read, so I took the picture and sent it to him.


He didn’t reply after waiting and I was getting a bit anxious, I waited a bit longer and yet there was no reply. My only choice was to call him. I contemplated on what to say if he answered, that alone wasted more time. I finally gathered all my courage and pressed the call button.


After a few rings, someone answered but they didn’t sound like him, “Hello?”


“Hello, who’s this?” A strange female voice spoke up; unknown voices that sounded like kids could be heard in the background.


“Um, I’m Alex’s classmate and I need help, do you know where he is?”


No reply, I just cut the call. Well that was one awkward phone call. My phone buzzed notifying me that I received a message. I checked and it was Alex, thank gosh. He told me what the sentence said and I asked why someone else answered his call.


He said he left his phone in his living room and went to play his game, so maybe his siblings’ nanny answered it. I never knew he had siblings but apparently he did.



Author's Note

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