Woke up with Amnesia || l.h.

I looked around and realized I was in a hospital room. "What happened to me?" I look at the nurse. "You were in a car accident and I'm sorry to tell you this but you're waking up with long term amnesia."


1. Prologue


Maria POV

"Okay baby I'll call you back when I get there! I love you Luke!"


"K. Bye."

I smiled and kept driving. I was going to visit my sister in England.

I moved to Australia to start a new life and leave the old me behind.

I've been so happy living with me best friends Alice, Mia and Annabel. I have a great job at Starbucks and plus I have the most perfect boyfriend ever.

Back in England is where I have an ex-boyfriend who used to beat and cheat on me, a family that doesn't love me and old friends who made me do drugs.

"Buzzzzzzz" I look at the road then at my phone. I see that I got a message from Luke. I grab my phone and look back at the road. I unlock my phone and look at the message from Luke.

'Be safe princess. I love you with all my heart.' I smile at the text.

I look back up at the road and then start typing...

'I'll be safe. I love yo-'

I couldn't send it...

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