Who We Were || Larry Stylinson

*If you don't ship Larry, don't read because I don't want any hate... Thank you.*

Harry sings, Louis acts, it was a wonder they hadn't met before. Now they have, though. And as friendship typically does... It blossoms into a beautiful, colorful, magical love story.
But can their love take on the hardest test? Not existing at all.


2. Crayon

Harry is a singer/songwriter, Louis is an actor, but they both have a secret. Something that will bring the two closer than they've even been with their families.

They met one day when Harry came to one of the movie sets Louis was working on. Some of Harry's music was going to be featured in it so he had to bring a copy of his album to the music director.

Louis was playing around with one of his co-stars and bumped into Harry. He dropped his album, nearly fell himself, but Louis caught him.

"I'm so sorry." Louis fixed Harry's shirt, then bent down to pick up the album. "Harry Styles? No way?" He handed the album to Harry. "I'm a huge fan mate. It's a pleasure bumping into you."

Harry isn't the type of person to hide his feelings. He tries, but he isn't very good. He didn't expect to actually talk to any of the actors or actresses, especially Louis. He immediately started to blush, and hearing he was fan gave him butterflies.

"Louis Tomlinson. To be honest, I've seen every movie of yours." Harry started twirling the album, quickly, in his hands. He was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"We should hang out." Louis suggested.

Harry nodded. "That would be nice."

Louis reached over to a script sitting on a trunk. He ripped a corner off the front page. "Got a pen, pencil, marker? Anything?"

Harry went through all his pockets. In the last one was a crayon. 'Thank god for children.' He said to himself as he handed it over to Louis.

Louis wrote his number on the tiny slip of paper, handed it Harry, then started to walk away.

"What about my crayon?" Harry called to Louis.

Louis turned, smiling. "When you call me..." He stuck the crayon in his pocket. "You can have the crayon."

Harry turned around and bit his lip. He looked down at the number. 'Louis Tomlinson. The Louis Tomlinson... I must be dreaming.' He thought to himself.

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