Free third story to trapped. (SHORT)

Bella's final battle between her and the fight for her love before time runs out to save Adam. She needs to break the curse and return everything back to its order but someone old comes back to haunt them.


1. Fight.

Adam howled out his pain, I ran to him, and comforted him, but I felt a tug on my arm. “Dustin leave me alone!’ I said but then I was cut by a blonde, she looked familiar but then I realized who it was, it was Eva. “So you thought you could kill a powerful witch?!” she screamed, she looked stronger and better than before she had on a black leather jumpsuit and black boots her hair was still the same but just prettier. “Eva I have bigger problems! Please just leave me alone!” I said. “I love it when people beg but I can’t do that!” I felt scared. Dustin ran to me, I had bigger problems. “Who is she?” Dustin asked. “An old friend,” I said. “But isn’t that Eva from school?” Dustin asked. “YES! DUSTIN IF YOU WANT TO SHOW YOUR LOVE DO ME A FAVOR AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled to him. But it was to late because I felt a sharp pain in my side, and no Dustin didn’t stab me it was Eva. I fell to the ground,and as I fell Adam got up. Adam had clawed Eva in her face and he pushed Dustin on the floor, we hadn’t had much time, Adam was about to punch Eva but Eva looked scared.  i had used my strength to get up and I speed walked to Eva, “Adam no” I said, did I just protect Eva, the girl who had stabbed me?

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