Free third story to trapped. (SHORT)

Bella's final battle between her and the fight for her love before time runs out to save Adam. She needs to break the curse and return everything back to its order but someone old comes back to haunt them.


2. Chapter2

“Adam don’t hurt me, I don’t even have my powers” Eva said. “Then I how do I change back?” Adam said. “You don’t,I only that theres true love that could do that but you don’t have that” Eva said. Eva went to Dustin and payed him. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked, “Oh Dustin was a part of my plan, as soon as I sacrificed my powers for this you two would be stuck together, I have the antidote to turn him back but I would never give it to you, Dustin never loved you Bella it was a trick you fell for” Eva said. I walked up to Eva, “Bella! your eyes they’re yellow!” Eva said. “I DONT CARE! YOU TRICKED ME INTO GOING THROUGH YOUR BULLSHIT AND NOW YOU WILL PAY!”I Yelled to her. Thats when Dustin got in the way he stood next to her and tried to protect her from me, but it was too late I had done the unthinkable I murdered them an innocent boy and an old witch, I pushed them off the roof. I broke the spell, if you kill a witch your spell is broken. I didn’t need true love, but how did I become a wolf? I didn’t know, but Adam was free and so was I. I stood there, I was naked. he came to me and put his Jacket on me, “Thank you,” he said to me. “ No problem but it wasn’t a big deal I mean  she was just a witch” I replied. But then Adam did the unthinkable, he put his lips on mine. “We will never speak of this to anyone we will runaway and live together just you and me Bella” Adam said. So we did runaway. 

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