The New Kid. *luke hemmings love story*

Isabel Rose, She makes sure she will never fall in love and get her heart broken, until one day a new kid shows up that makes her heart flutter.


5. Chapter 5

Isabel's POV 


i woke up to Luke slightly snoring while his arm was around my waist. I carefully tried getting out of Luke's embrace but i was too late, he pulled me back down. "where do you think you're going young lady" he said. "to get ready for school sleepy head, now let me go get ready" i said. 

"nooo i wanna stay here in bed all day and we can watch netflix and eat ice-cream, i don't care i want to be here with you." 

"You're cute Hemmings, but we got to go to school" 

"ugh you party pooper" he said sticking his tongue out 

"awh thanks Lucas" i kissed his cheek 


i went to my bathroom and got in the warm water and began shampooing my hair, i put conditioner and rinsed my hair. i got out and started to blow dry my hair. after blow drying i straightened my hair and put on my make up and left my hair natural. i walked in my room and saw luke ready sitting on my bed. 

"i need to change" 

"okay go ahead" 

"you are unbelievable" 

not even caring i change into a t-shirt and ripped jeans with my favorite vans. of course Luke was staring and i guess i don't care now.   "you are super skinny Isabel" 

"yes, i know. i was slightly anorexic a couple years ago, but i'm okay now!" 

"good, i just want you to be healthy" luke says walking up to me and kissing my cheek. 

i blush and look away 

"so are you ready to go to school" 

"sadly yes, lets go i'll drive" luke says grabbing my hand taking me to his car

the car ride was fun, we sang some songs together while he was holding my hand. i don't know what we are but i don't think i should ask in case he is waiting for the right time. so i ignore it and we get to school. i get out of his car and we start to head in the school. Samantha, Luke's ex who came to this school to follow him because she is psycho comes to me and spits on me. "what the hell was that for" i yelled at her 

"for stealing my Lukey" 

"well he isn't your "Lukey" anymore so i'm not stealing him from anyone, so i suggest you leave me alone before i kick your ass 

"whatever, just watch your back" 

"really is that a threat?" 

"its a promise" she says walking away 

wow she has problems. Luke comes up to me and puts his arms around my waist resting his head on my shoulder. "i heard everything, i'm so sorry. i won't let her hurt you" 

​"thanks that means a lot" i said kissing his cheek. 

"i gotta get to class, i'll see you at lunch yeah?" 

"yeah, see you at lunch" i say walking to my first period class 

as i was walking to my first period class, Samantha came out of no where and tripped me causing all of my books to go everywhere. "what the hell is your problem!?" i yell pissed 

"you" she says dumping a can of paint on me. i get up and walk home, its only a 15 minute walk. 

i leave the school leaving a trail of red paint and flick her off. 

"next time it won't be red paint, watch your back" 

okay now i'm scared. i run home and take a shower and stay home and watch gossip girl on Netflix. "your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite" i laugh because i know it by heart. suddenly i get a text from my phone from "Luke" 

Luke (: : where are you? its lunch time! 

me : i'm at home, you're psycho ex girlfriend threatened me and poured red paint on me and said "next time it won't be red paint" so i'm guessing blood so yeah i'm done and yeah i won't go to school until the girl is gone. i'll just pick up my work and do it at home. 

Luke (: : i'm on my way xxx 

Luke's POV 

i went to the Principals office, i need to get Samantha out. 

"excuse me" i said 

"yes" said the Principal 

"can you please check your cameras around 9 o'clock today please?" 

"sure, what do i need to look for" 

"Samantha Reed practically bullying Isabel Rose, she threatened Isabel and i need her out" 

"okay lets see right here, yes look right here she poured red paint on her!? okay i'll get to the bottom of this immediately" he calls the intercom calling for Samantha Reed. 

she is skipping down the hall coming over here wow. she walks in and immediately sees me and smirks. "yes Principal?" she says leaning forward showing her boobs. slut. 

"you are expelled, i will not tolerate such a childish act" 

"what did i do!!? i haven't even done anything" 

​"you were bullying Isabel Rose, i have you right here on tape" 

"screw you" 

"yeah, you are expelled" 

i quickly walk out so i can now go to the store and buy isabel her favorite ice-cream and movies. 

"stop right there Hemmings" Samantha yells running to me 

"what do you want Slutmantha" wow i'm clever 

"why would you tell on me? i thought you love me" 

"i never loved you, ever. now leave me alone" 

"wait" she says grabbing my arm 

"don't touch me" i yell at her and see her starting to cry. 

i walk out the school and drive to the store and got Cookie dough ice-cream, and chocolate ice-cream along with Mean Girls, 17 Again, and The Last Song. i must really like her if i'm willing to watch chick flicks with her. 

i go to her house and knock on the door. she opens the door and then smiles 

"come in" she says and i walk inside. 


xoxo Malee 

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