The New Kid. *luke hemmings love story*

Isabel Rose, She makes sure she will never fall in love and get her heart broken, until one day a new kid shows up that makes her heart flutter.


4. Chapter 4

Isabelle's POV



"Hey sweetheart, how you been?" He says

"Wha-what are you doing here.. How did you get out of jail..."

"I got someone to bale me out, did you miss me?"

"No, leave" i say trying to shut the door. He slams the door open and pushes me to the ground

"Don't close the door on me, i just got here!!" He yells

"Leave Toby, you killed my parents because i broke up with you, there is no way in hell i will let you stay any longer, you have exceeded you stay limit, goodbye" i say with confidence trying not to cry

"No" he grabs me and throws me on the ground just then, Luke walks in and runs and punches toby causing him to fall to the ground.

"I already called the police, i heard everything and so did the cops, you are going back to jail you asshole" said Luke

"Screw you, i ain't going to jail" toby runs out of the house and Luke chases him down. I run out and see luke punching his face. "This is for killing her parents, this is for making her sad, this is for not making her your world, this is for barging in her house, this is for pushing her, and this is for you touching my girl" luke screams punching him every time he said something. The cops finally arrive and pull Luke of Toby and grab toby and put him in the car.

"How long will he be in there" i said

"His whole life, you will be safe now dont worry" said the cop.

"Thank you so much".

"My pleasure"

The cop drives away with toby. I see Luke on the ground covering his stomach. I rush to his side and hugged him.

"Don't worry, he just knocked the air out of me" Luke said with a smile.

I helped him up and brought him to my house. We went to my room and i changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Luke took his shirt off, i climbed into bed next to him and looked into his eyes. "Thank you, you saved me"

"I would take a bullet for you.. I wanted to do this at the right time but i cant help myself" and with that he gently kissed my lips causing me to feel fireworks. "Perfect timing" i told him. He kissed me one last time before we both cuddled close to each other falling asleep.

xoxo Malee 

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