The New Kid. *luke hemmings love story*

Isabel Rose, She makes sure she will never fall in love and get her heart broken, until one day a new kid shows up that makes her heart flutter.


1. Chapter 1

Yay Senior Year!! I text my bestfriend Tessa.

Me: hey girl! Imma pick you up in five to go to school okay? 😘

Tessa: mkay! I'll get ya breakfast! 😘

I do my daily morning routine. Get up, wash my face and put mascara on. I leave my hair as it is like always, i kind of go for that natural look. I grab my keys and drive to Tessa's house which is only like 2 minutes away.

Tessa: hey girl! Here is your chocolate poptart!

Me: yes my favorite!! Thanks!

Tessa: no problem! Hey, did you hear we are getting 2 new students? I know one is named Ashton because i will be showing him around. Check your email to see if you are showing one of them around too!

Me: did you just get the email or something?

Tessa: yeah this morning! Check yours!!!

Me: okay okay! *checks email* i got some kid named Luke.

Tessa: i hope they have the same classes as us! Too bad we only have 3 together.. :/

Me: i know :/ lets hurry and get to school so we can meet the guys!

Tessa: i hope Luke is cute, you really need to have a relationship

Me: no way, i dont believe in that love crap anyways, you will just be left heartbroken in the end.

Tessa: you dont know that!

*we get to school and go to the office, the principal introduces us to Ashton and Luke*

Me: hi i'm isabel

Luke: luke, pleasure to meet you! *he shakes my hand* this is my friend ashton! We know michael and calum here.

Me: this is Tessa, my bestfriend. I'm guessing she will be showing you around *i point at ashton*

Ashton: yup! *he says popping the p*

Tessa: like she said, i'm Tessa, its nice to meet you ashton.

*Ashton's face lights up as he looks at Tessa*

Ashton: yea its really nice to meet you, glad you are showing me around (; (wow what a flirt lol)

Tessa: *blushes* bye isabel! Im going to take ashton to class, we have the same schedule so we will see you 6,7 and 8th period!

Me: bye! *i hug her and turn to Luke* okay so whats your schedule?

Luke: uhm spanish, debate, ceramics, geography, english, biology, studyhall and geometry.

Me: thats my schedule! Haha! So i guess i'll be with you all day.!

Luke: haha cool (:

*we go to first period which is Spanish, luke sits next to me and we pass notes the whole time talking about how the spanish teacher is awful, finally class ends and the day passes by the same, us passing notes and not paying any attention.* *school ends and i go to my locker, Luke comes up to me*

Luke: hey, my locker is right next to you!

Me: oh. No. YOU have this locker!!?? I point to my left.

Luke: *acting worried* y-yeah...

Me: the last guy who had this locker left the school because rats kept eating eveything of his and even bit his finger off!

Luke: w-what..

Me: kidding!!! Hahaha i fooled you!!

Luke: *playfully pushes me* wow you actually got me haha

Luke's POV.

Wow she is beautiful and funny! I really wanna call her mine soon. *i got interrupted by my thoughts from isabel poking me, i guess i was just staring at her.. Oops.*

Isabel: luke? Do you wanna come over tonight? With Tessa and I? We do this tradition where we celebrate our first day and have a girls night but i would like it if you and the guys came. I bet Tessa already invited Ashton!

Me: okay sounds good! I'll give you my number and you text me your address okay?

Isabel: okay see you then! (:

*i hug her goodbye and walk over to the boys. I see ashton hugging Tessa goodbye*

Ashton: hey guys wanna go to Isabel's tonight? Tessa invited all of us.

Me: i was just coming over to see if yall wanted to come too!

Ashton: man guys i really like Tessa.

Me: i think i'm falling for Isabel.

Michael and Calum: dude.. Isabel doesn't just like or go out with anyone. She really guards herself. Be careful bro.

Me: dont worry, i have a plan.

#authornote: hey guys! So i'm back.! I didn't know what to write on my last story and my thoughts went blank on what to write next. But this time I'm back with a new and better story and will be posting chapters if not daily then every other day or when i have time (: and i might even post up to 3 chapters a day! So i would love yalls feedback and hope you are enjoying my story! Love yall!

Xoxo Malee

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