You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


2. Training

 Ryker's legs start to tire from running laps for 12 hours straight. Haruto looked at her in surprise. "She ran longer than potato girl!" he exclaimed. Ayano looked at him. "She's an athlete, Haruto! Of course she ran longer than her!" She yelled. Ryker's knee's buckled and she collapsed under her weight, stirring up dust and dirt under the early morning light. Ayano and Haruto gasped and rushed to her. "Are you okay?" Haruto asked. "I'm fine." she said, coughing up dirt. "I've never seen someone run that long." Said a unfamiliar voice. She looked up and saw a boy with ashy-blonde hair and a dark brown undercut. "Aren't you that kid who got headbutted?" She asked, hiding her smile. He rolled his eyes and said "I'm Jean." "Well, Jean. I'm sure you know who I am, already." "Ryker Tvar'? Yeah. The girl who insulted Shadis." He said. She got to her feet and looked up at him. She stood 5'6". She curtseyed and said "What a pleasure to meet you." in a Sina impression. He smirked and looked down at her. Ayano grabbed her elbow and pulled her away. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Trying to converse with the horseface." Ryker said, crossing her arms. "Is that a problem?" "Horseface?" Ayano repeated, holding her burst of laughter. Ryker nodded, smirking. Ayano bursts into laughter. "Oh my god. Are you serious?!" Ryker nodded again. "Hey. It's true. Just look at him." She said, pointing to him. Jean looked at her, from talking to his freckled friend. Ryker looked over at him and saw him staring. They both blushed, and turned away. "Horseface, huh?" Ayano said. "I totally ship it." She teased. "Shut up!" Ryker shouted, blushing furiously. Then a short man walks by with a deadpanned expression. He caught Ayano's eyes. She parted her lips, and gapped her mouth. Ryker nudged Ayano's ribcage with her elbow. "You and shorty? I'd ship it." She teased back. "W-whatever!" She said, blushing madly. Ryker snickered. "You seem to be feeling alot better after running for twelve hours straight." Ayano pointed out. "Hey, I'm a fast healer. Not my fault." She said, walking to go see who her partner was for hand-to-hand combat, brushing into Jean on the way.  Ayano caught up with her and saw her partner. "Great. I got stuck with that big blonde dude." She said. Ryker sighed and said "At least you don't have to deal with hitting the sweetest guy here...." "Who'd you get?" Ayano asked. "Marco." "I got Reiner." She said. "Welp, I guess we should go find our partners now..." "Yup." Ayano and Ryker split ways to pair up with their partners. Ayano walked up to Reiner. "So, I guess your my partner." She said. He looked at her. "I guess so." He said back. They get into stance and he nods at her. "You ready?" He asks. She takes a deep breath and said "Don't crush me, okay?" He laughs and nods. He charges at her. Once he got close, she panicked and kicked the back of his legs, flipping him on to his stomach. She smirked and said "That was easier than I thought." She said. Reiner groaned, climbing to his feet. "Whatever, it isn't gonna be that easy this time." He snapped. Ayano smirked and said "Challenge accepted." She got into stance as Reiner charged at her. She simply did the same routine as she did the last round. "Hm. Really? Is that so?" She said, smirking. Reiner groaned and put his hands up. "I'm done. I can't believe I'm being beat by a girl."

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