You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


6. The Rouge Titans.

Ayano and Jean neared the abandon house, they could here small gasps along with tiny sobs, Ayano motioned for Jean to stay put as she walked in, a while later Haruto and Malorie walked out shaking they're heads, they saw Jean, "What are you​ doing here." They said in unison.

Jean looked down not responding, even if he wanted to what was he going to say? Ayano came out and glared at Haruto and Malorie whispering something to them, they nodded and left. Ayano grabbed Jean's hand, "Hey!" he said, Ayano rolled her eyes grabbing him again and pulling him inside. Jean tried to pull away but Ayano was strong, really strong. Ryker was sitting on a old broken bed with puffy eyes. Ayano made Jean sit next to her, very close. Ayano came up to him and whispered in his ear, "You got this." with a smile she left. Ryker looked over at Jean, they were silent for a very long time.

"Ryker...I'm really sorry. I-" Jean was cut off bye Ryker, who unexpectedly hugged Jean. Jean stiffened for a second and then hugged her back, I guess this is an apology right now... Jean though to himself. Ryker let go and without looking at him got up, she turned before leaving the room giving him a thankful smile.

Ayano found Ryker near a pond throwing rocks with a stressed face, "Ryker?" Ryker looked up at her and she was instantly snapped back to reality, "Ayano." Ryker said patting the ground next to her. Ayano sat down carefully, "Where have you been? Ever since Jea-" Ayano raised an eyebrow, "What did happen after I left?" Ryker was hiding her smile as best as she could, "Nothing..." She choked on her words trying not to look at her. Ryker coughed, "Ryker!," Ayano whispered yelled, "cough into your arm!" Ryker rolled her eyes.

Ayano and Ryker walked back to camp. They ran into Armin, "Hey Armin." Ayano said giving her sweet smile. Armin waved and walked with us, "Hi Ayano...Hey Ryker." Ryker nodded at him, Ayano was pretty sure Armin was scared of Ryker, "So, Armin. Ready for going back into Wall Maria?" Ayano asked him softly. Armin shrugged, "Wha-" He calmed himself "I guess so." which in other words meant, no. Great, Ayano though, I just scared him half to death. A guy who was the same age as Ryker, Ayano, and Armin, walked over. He had short brown hair with emerald green eyes and a faded slightly torn green shirt under his jacket.

"Armin." He said, "Where have you been? Me and Mikasa have been looking for you." Armin looked at him puzzled, "Why?" the guy stopped making all three of us stop as well, "We're going back into Wall Maria tomorrow!" Armin slowly turned to Ayano and Ryker. Ayano shrugged and Ryker wasn't paying attention. Armin nodded, "I know, Eren," He nodded towards Ayano, "Ayano told me." apparently he wasn't paying attention and said, "Who?" Ayano shifted uncomfortably, Eren must have felt the awkwardness because he looked at Ayano and Rykers direction, Eren nodded awkwardly, "Oh." Ryker looked at him, "I'm Ryker, Ryker Tvar" Ryker held out her hand and waited for Eren to shake it, Eren took her hand, afterwards Eren looked at Armin and mouthed, Strong...REALLY strong..., and held his hand for a second, Ryker then said, "This is Ayano Amore." Ayano held out her hand and softly shook Eren's hand.

 ~~ The Next Day ~~

"Ryker." Ayano whispered. -Silence- "Rykerrrrrr." - Silence - Ayano was getting annoyed when Ymir yelled, "RYKER! GET UP!" Throwing a pillow across the room. It hit Ryker in the head and she got up slowly, "I...Am...AWAKE!" She said quickly getting out of bed running towards Ymir. Just be for she got there a boy the same age was pushed inside the cabin, three girls who were changing screamed. The boy ran out with a red face yelling, "NOT FUNNY GUYS!" Most of the girls laughed including Ymir and Ryker. Ayano sat on her bed awkwardly changing keeping an eye on the door.

As Ryker and Ayano plus Ymir and Krista zipped through the city of wall Maria they stopped on a roof, "Ryker," Ymir said, "Two titans on the right, one on the left." Ryker nodded for Ymir and Krista to the left and Ayano and Ryker headed to the right. "TAKE THE ONE THE NEARER TO YOU!" Ayano yelled to Ryker as she flew around the titans arm as it tried to smash her. As Ryker zipped towards the titans head she heard a scream. Looking to the left she saw Krista hanging by her arm in a titans hand and Ymir laying against a chimney unconscious. Hearing a thud she looked over and Ayano's titan fell to the ground as she ran across the rooftop towards Krista. Not paying attention the titan swatted at Ryker making her loose her footing. Plummeting towards the earth she grappled to the titans back. Stabbing it to watch Ayano, the titan had managed  to grab her by her jacket. She screamed as it neared Ryker to its mouth. She saw Ayano stop in her tracks. It was Ryker or Krista. She held her hands to her ears shaking her head. Taking off her 3DMG she grappled it into the titans eye about to eat Krista and she ran towards the titan that was holding Ryker. She grabbed her dagger from her coat and stabbed it in the stomach. It screeched and almost dropped Ryker. As Ryker neared her own hand to her mouth she was about to bite down when more steam came up, but this time there was two titans. One was a female with pink hair and another that was male with Brown.The linked haired one had long razor sharp nails and the Brown haired one had pointed hair that turned and curled with glowing emerald eyes. They were on both sides of the titan about to eat Ryker. They ran towards it grunting. One grabbed Ryker and put her on the roof roughly and snapped the titans neck, as it hit the ground the Brown haired one stomped on its head and the other stared kinda with a sympathetic yet angry emotion in its eyes, "Ayano?" Ryker said quietly. As she said it the pink haired titan turned and stood near the Brown haired titan. Ryker knew right then and there. She wasn't the only 'beast'.

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