You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


3. Ship it!

Ayano ate her bread little by little as Ryker tore hers to shreds, "Come on Ayano! Just try eating it like regular people." Ayano shook her head. What a clean freak. Ryker thought while laughing, but she's my clean feak. Sighing, Ayano finished her bread and they walked out together. As they were heading out Ayano happened to look to her left and saw 'Horseface' staring at Ryker, Ayano elbowed Ryker and nodded her head in his direction. She blushed and he must have noticed her teasing Ryker about it because he quickly looked away almost choking on half of his bread. Ayano laughed at them. As we got into our cabin Ayano told Ryker how she kicked some guys butt, "Are you serious!? YOU, took out that guy?" Ayano was kinda offended but  she didn't blame her, he was really fit and looked strong, "Yeah. But I have to ask, did Marco actually take you out? Or were you going easy on him?" Ryker shrugged, "Some things have to remain a mystery"  We began our 3DMG training today, "Come on Ayano hurry up!" Ryker yelled, "We get to start using the gear and I don't want to be late!!!" She yelled once again. Ayano huffed. Man she really wanted to get there. Then Ayano realized why, "So...this is just about training?"  Ayano asked Ryker, she looked confused, "How do you mean?" Ryker asked. Ayano quickened her pace so she was going the same speed as Ryker," I mean...this wouldn't have anything to do with...Horseface?" Rykers eyes widened. She stayed quiet the rest of the way there. But Ayano just laughed at her expression.

As they were putting on they're equipment The guy who had almost no expression tripped over Ayano's gas tank. Ayano looked up seeing the man her eyes widened and she quickly stood up apologizing, "I am SO sorry! I really need should have moved that." Ayano just kept rambling on. He Stared at her for awhile be for leaving without saying anything. Ryker walked up to her helping Ayano with her gear, "I'd ship it." Ryker whispered to her. Ayano blushed.

As training ended the sun began to set. It was a decent day.

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