You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


7. It's Complicated.

After the trainees made it back to the HQ, with many deaths, Ryker's first thought was "Ayano!" She ran across the courtyard. Ayano looked over at her. "What?" Ryker slowed down infront of her. "Was that you? The pink haired Titan?" She asked. "Uh..." She trailed off. "Well?" She nodded. "So I'm not the only one?" She whispered. Ayano shook her head. "Wait, the black haired titan, was you?" She asked. Ryker nodded. "So, we've been titan shifters our whole life, and neither of us knew?!" Ayano exclaimed. Ryker shrugged. "Apparently not..." She said. "But what about the brown haired one?" Ayano asked. Ryker shrugged again. "You think it's another titan shifter?" Ryker asked. Ayano shook her head. "No, it can't be." She said. The bell rang for dinner as Ayano and Ryker made their way to the mess hall. Ryker slumped down on the bench and rested her chin in her palm. Ayano looked across the room and noticed that Jean was in the same position. She giggled as she ate her dinner. Ryker looked over at her. "What?" She asked. "Oh, it's just the way that you and Jean both sit." She said, smiling. "You both slump over, with your chin in your palm." Ryker straightened up. "It's cute." Ayano said. "How do you mean?" Ryker asked. "I think it's cute. You two should date." Ryker widened her eyes. "W-what?" She stuttered. Ayano laughed at Ryker's nervousness. Ryker then raised an eyebrow and said "What about that Eren kid? Or Heichou?" She said, with a smirk playing with her lips. Ayano widened her eyes and blushed. "N-no." She said. Ryker smirked. "Riiiiight." She said. "I don't have a crush on them!" She said, flustered. "Sure. Whatever you say." She said, smiling. "You messed with the wrong person when it comes to crushes, Ayano. You should know better than anyone about this."  She said. The bell rang as everyone filed out. Malorie catches up with Ryker and Ayano. "So. What were you guys talking about that made you so flustered?" Ayano and Ryker looked at each other and blushed once again, "Nothing..." They said in unison. Malorie smirked. "Suuurrree~" She dragged out. Ryker looked at her with a killer glare, making Malorie flinch. "Don't hit me!" She said, covering her head with her arms. Ryker softened her glare. "Then forget this conversation ever happened. Got it?" She said. Malorie sighed but gave in, "Fine..."

- The City - 

As Ayano and Ryker sat on a roof waiting for the rest of their new squad to come and meet them they decided to pass the time, "So...Jean huh?" Ayano said. Ryker looked at her with an eyebrow raised, "What about Jean?" Ayano laughed at her. Ryker quickly jumped on her and covered her mouth, that's when she saw a titan look right at them. It opened its mouth and started running towards them. Ryker raised her finger to her mouth but Ayano stopped her. She shook her head and pointed to there gear. She zipped onto another pillar. In training they had practiced this, someone would be the bait, the other would be the killer. Ryker waved her arms to get the titans attention stuck on herself instead of Ayano," HEY FATTY!" The titan came fast and quick Ryker rolled across the roof as it hit it's hand against the roof shattering the tiles. Ryker waited and heard the thud of the titans body. Ayano came up behind her, "Hey..." Ryker smiled at her friend. Even though they shouldn't be used to this, they were. Ryker looked over at the smoke rising from the titans body, "That went smoothly." Ayano nodded in agreement.

Ryker sat on the roof and said, "By the way, to the response of your 'comment' what about you and shorty?" Ayano glared at her but then she just ended up blushing and a smile turned into a quiet laugh. Soon the rest of their new squad came...Armin and Eren. Ryker stood up brushing tiny tile chunks off her pants, "Long time no see." Ryker said with a sly smile towards Ayano. Ayano blushed and quickly turned away waiting for the heat in her face to cool. Turning her head back she said, "Hey Armin, Eren." They both smiled warmly. Ryker had decided to go to the rooftop where most titans tend to avoid even though no one knew why, "Why don't they ever go there anyway?" Armin questioned. Ayano shrugged, "Who knows?" Armin looked away obviously confused. Armin was the first to reach the rooftop followed by Ryker and Eren, Ayano wasn't very focused and almost ran into a couple buildings so Ryker had told her to go a bit slower, "Wait...why did we even come to a place where no titans come?," Eren asked. Ryker sighed in exasperation, "I already went over this, we came here so we could figure out why," she paced back and forth, "why don't the every come near here? It doesn't make sen-" she was cut off by loud thundering footsteps. To the North a thirteen meter was taking it's time walking over, two five meter titans followed, "What the heck," Ayano said in a hushed voice, "they aren't supposed to be here...let alone three of them." as she said it a four meter titan ran towards the buildings. Ayano and Ryker glanced at each other and nodded but then realized that Armin and Eren were there, "Stay here!" they said in unison and they jumped off the building.

as they hit the ground they broke into a sprint, "Plan?" Ayano said. Ryker glanced over and a mischievous smile spread across her face, "Kill them." they grabbed each others hands and bit down on they're free hands. Lightning cracked across the sky. For some reason Ayano was in full control as well as Ryker. They looked at each other and nodded. Running they kicked the four meter titan into a worn down building, Ryker stomped on its head. They grabbed one five meter titan each and smashed them on the ground. Finally they stood right in front of the thirteen meter titan. The three got into their stance. Ayano put her hands into fist and down near her stomach, Ryker stood in a running position. The titan yelled and Ryker ran towards it sliding onto the ground she swept it off it's feet making it go face first into the ground, Ayano grabbed it's arm and tore it off and stabbed it with her long razor sharp nails, as steam rose from it's body Ayano and Ryker ran off into the distance and as they did they became more tired and soon they collapsed. Ayano and Ryker used their gear to get back to the rooftop, "Did you guys see that!?" Armin yelled, Ayano gave Ryker a nervous glance, "See what?" Ryker shrugged. Armin stood in disbelief, " seriously didn't see any of that? Where were you anyway?" Ayano accidentally spoke to fast and kinda yelled out, "Getting reinforcement, but then we saw that they were all gone so..." Eren and Armin gave them questioning looks, "Well...we should probably go then." Eren said.

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