Bounty bull

Tom has just turned 15 and he is anxious to start riding bulls but tom is not very good he is not popular and hes very poor
And on top of that he has a dad that does drugs and doesn't care what is tom going to do


2. the river

We pull up In front of Jess's house I get out and walk in to find Jess and her dad fighting. Shut up Dad it's my life I can do what I want now leave me alone then Jess just grabs my hand and we leave Shane gets out and gives Jess shotgun

What was that about I ask Jess as we pull out of the drive way nothing she says and we rode the rest of the way in silence listening the case and Jason fight in the camper we finnaly get to the creek and chase and Jason jump in before we even got out of the truck me and Jess walk to a secluded part of the beach while Shane jumped in and started to fight with case and Jason i don't know what to do.

My dad kicked me out and I have no where to stay and no ride Jess says as her eyes get watery I put. My arm around her don't worry you can stay with me and the guys were going on a vacation to Oklahoma for a rodeo you can come with us don't worry Jess every things going to be fine I say now you wanna go take a dip in the river I say yah why not as we head back I find the guys drying off and some how I don't know how but they found my stash off beer and were already drunk I just ignored them and jumped in the river with Jess.

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