Bounty bull

Tom has just turned 15 and he is anxious to start riding bulls but tom is not very good he is not popular and hes very poor
And on top of that he has a dad that does drugs and doesn't care what is tom going to do


1. me Jess and the rodeo bros

I lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling and listening to my friends talk about girls. So you guys want to do some thing tonight like maybe a go swimming or something I ask before I could say anything else they were all ready sitting in the rodeo rig Shane sits shotgun while I am sitting in the drivers seat chase and Jason jump in the camper we head down to the river so how's things with you and Jessica Shane says I don't know I haven't talked to her for a while I think I

will call her right now.

I take my cell out of my pocket and dial her number she picks up hey she says hey I reply I was wondering if you wanted to come swim and hangout at the river I ask yah sure but I don't have a ride she replays back that's ok we can come pick u up

Cool ok she says i will be over in 15 bye I say and hang up hey what's going on we have to pick up Jess oh ok so now were the country taxi Shane says sarcastically and shut up I say and we both have good laugh.

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