Pokemon Black-My Adventure

The adventure of a boy named Lenzile.- I'm going to put (starting in chapter 9) the persons name, then a : after, when they talk, like this; Lenzile:


4. Professer Juniper

Cheren and Bianca went downstairs to apologize to my mom. "Well, um, we'll clean up."

"Cleaning up? No, I'll take care of cleaning," my mom said.

"We're gonna go thank the professor now," I told my mom. "Bye, mom!" I said as I went outside.

"Let's go inside now," Bianca said. Oh, that's unusual!

"You've already had a pokemon battle?!" Professor Juniper said. As for why I gave you all pokemon--

"It's for the pokedex, right?" Cheren interrupted.

"The Pokedex?" asked Bianca.

 "The pokedex is a high-tech device that automatically records the pokemon you encounter! So, I want you three to visit many places and meet all of the pokemon in the Unova region! This is my request. Will you go on an adventure to complete the pokedex?" Professer Juniper explained.

"Yes," we all answered. "

"You have given me the best possible answer!" Juniper continued. "Meet me at Route 1, OK?"

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