Pokemon Black-My Adventure

The adventure of a boy named Lenzile.- I'm going to put (starting in chapter 9) the persons name, then a : after, when they talk, like this; Lenzile:


5. Pokemon Caught!

"Heeey! Wait up, Lenzile!" Bianca called after me as I went outside to see my mom. "I brought the three of you town maps! Here's one for you, Cheren. And for you, Bianca. Ah, pokemon. They are so cute, but they have the power to destroy a bedroom! They really are something. With pokemon at your side, you'll be safe wherever you go! I'll let your parents know! Bye! Have fun! Let's go, the Professer's waiting!" Bianca said, hurriedly. "Let's all take our first steps on Route 1 together!"

Oh, this is so exciting! I wonder what will happen! It sure is!

"C'mon, the professor's waiting. Now that every one's here, I'll explain." said the professor. "The pokedex's pages automatically update whenever you meet a pokemon! Catch a pokemon, and you'll obtain even more info! I'm now going to demonstrate how to catch a pokemon! A wild Patrat appeared!

Minccino - pound

Patrat - leer

Professor Juniper - pokeball

Patrat - caught!

See? First reduce the Pokemon's HP! Pokemon that still have all of their energy are difficult to catch.

"Use these to catch some! I'll be waiting for you in Accumula Town! Lets have a contest! Bianca suggested. "The one with the most pokemon with them, including the one received from the professor, is the winner!"

"You're on!" Cheren and I told her.

A wild Lillipup appeared!

Oshawott - tackle

Lillipup - leer

Oshawott - Tackle

Lillipup - Leer

Lenzile - pokeball

Lillipup - Caught!

Lillipup data

It faces strong opponents with great courage. But, when at a disadvantage in a fight, this intelligent pokemon flees.

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