Ariel went through the most tragic loss at the age of 16. She blocked everybody out and got the worst anxiety the doctors have ever seen. But what happens when a boy called Cameron Dallas tries to break her shell? Will he shatter her into pieces or show her life isn't that bad?


3. Confused

I slowly opened my heavy eyes and felt a shoot of pain go through my nose and looked at the time. It was already 8:00!!! I had to get up and get ready quick but my body was saying stay in bed. I heard my parents leave for work. Ok good they won't know I'm skipping school. I turned over and dozed back off. I woke up at 3 hours later at 11 and dragged myself out of bed and ate a ton of food while watching tv. I did that for about 2 hours and then decided to get my butt up and get out of the house. I straightened my hair and put it in a ponytail, put on some powder, put on eyeliner and 2 layers of mascara, I put on a white tank top with a pink netted crop top and flower patterned jeans with gold heals. I got my cute little purse and was off. I drove to the avenue and walked around. It started to sprinkle a bit but I didn't worry about it. I kept walking around but the rain kept getting harder and harder. Then my phone went off and it read:


My heart dropped and I ran into the nearest store which was Hollister. I ran in there and there were other people in there too. Not a lot though. There was a boy with dark brown hair and beside him was a boy with blonde hair and green eyes and they looked pretty frightened. Then there were a few older women and there was a boy with beautiful green eyes. There was also a tall boy with brown hair and big brown eyes. It got really loud and I let out a sob and jumped back. I got all shaky and was loosing myself. I just kept crying but the tall boy came up to me and hugged me and held me close and whispered,"Ssshhh. It'll be alright." That calmed me down in a way but I kept shaking and once it was so loud that my ears started ringing is when I screamed. I guess someone saw the tornado so they screamed,"EVERYONE TAKE COVER!!!!" The boy surprisingly threw himself over me and I heard glass shatter. I started to lose my breath and gag but then it went all quiet and I pulled myself together. The storm passed and nobody died.

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