M is for marcella


2. New chapter

Marcella's pov

Hey mum I have an after school project to work on today so I won't be home for dinner ok? Unless you want me home I said blankly.

"We'll Hun can you try and be home before 6:30"

Yes mom I can try and with that I left when I arrived at school I walked straight to my locker when my bully came up and slammed my locker door shut uhh h-hi z-zayn I said with fear in my voice

"Hi skank I see u finally stoped sucking cock"

We'll that's weird cas I never did suck cock

"Ha ha ha does some one have nerve to talk back"

With that he pushed me down and began to kick me when he finally stopped I got up and walked to the nurses office heyy miss decapreo it was zayn again

"Oh Hun show me the bruse"

I lifted up my shirt to revile a huge blue and purple bruse she gave me an ice pack and let me sit there for a while.


Today is my first day of high school oh btw I'm Liam payn any way on the way to my locker I saw the boy who wanted me to be in his possy beat up some girl. So I walked down to the nurses office to se if she was ok I walked in and saw her.

Hi uhh Marcella is it ?

"Yeah that's me please don't make fun"

Why would I do that ?

"We'll I saw you with zayn and u came to see me"

So u just assumed?

" yeah but I have no friends tho"

We'll I'm your friend...we'll can u be ?

"If you want to be but be wear I'm a mess"

We'll I'll take care of you Marcella

"Call me marcel"

Ok marcel can I take you home or away from school ?

"Yea I'd love to"

Zayn's pov

I saw Liam go to the nurses office I wonder why? So I followed him and he was talking to Marcella maybe she is not that bad at all. Who am I kidding I'm calling the boys haha Liam's are new victim.

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