Winds of Time

It is about a small town girl, in the future, her life takes a turn when she meets Sam. A tall mysterious man. But the true adventure starts when she ends up almost being killed by fae folk.


2. Take me with you?

Life hurts, but is it worth living with happiness is pain? Love kills, Pain breathes, Anger takes everyone, will it take you?

Jasmine looked terrified by Nadine's anger, she looked at her

"Sorry" she said, sliding around the angered women. She smiled at her sheepishly, then clocked in. 

Jasmine looked at the clock, holding a small coffee pot in her hand. She poured it into a cup that was being held by a bearded man, the time was eight fifty six. she grabbed her little slip of paper, clocking out "BYE!"

she screamed into the back, Nadine waved goodbye. Jasmine decided to go through the park on her way home. She passed an oak she hadn't seen in years, she looked at it for a while. Trying to remember why it was special, then she remembered. The oak was the last real, non human made, tree in her state. She smiled at it, kissing the tree before carrying on home. She got inside, her parents ignoring her like always,. she shrugged it off she was used to it by now, she had given up trying to get their attention. She walked up stairs, feeling tired by also happy. 

Sunshine is warm, kind and loving. But it has a deadly side, it can burn your soul.

Jasmine woke up, the sun once again in her face. She smiled at the black cat in her window sill, petting it kindly. Her brown hair was tangled, she had woken up much earlier then she had planned on. Though she didn't mind, she did need a shower. The water was warm as it washed over her, light steam flowed over the top of the curtain. The mirror became foggy in the heat, it sounded annoyed though it spoke not. She got out, drying off her hair and brushing it out. She looked ta the clock

"I have an hour.." She whispered to herself, then grabbed her clothing. She got dressed, throwing yesterdays clothing into the dirty laundry. She put her hair into a bun

"Nothing today mirror, I am alright with this" she said, walking downstairs. Her parents had already left, leaving her alone. She made herself a bowl of cereal, sitting down and starting to eat it. There was a knock on her door, she stood. Jasmine opened the door, the man from the sidewalk the other day stood there. He smiled at her

"Hello again" Jasmine blushed slightly, though she tried to hide it

"Hello sir, may I ask why you have come?" She asked, looking curious

"You dropped this, when you ran into me" He said, holding up a small bracelet. Small trinkets hung from it, one was a blue jewel that used to belong to her mother. Jasmine's eyes grew wide, she looked at her wrist

"It... it... it has never fallen off before" she whispered, looking amazed. Then she looked back up at the man "The clasp broke" He said, showing her the new clasp that was now on it

"I got it fixed for you, however it took me a while to find you" He said, handing her the bracelet. Jasmine took it, trying to get it on with one hand. She failed

"Here, let me help" The man grabbed her wrist, pulling it close-ish to his face. He clasped the two ends together

"There" He said smiling, his emerald eyes sparkling in the morning light

"All better." Jasmine's heart fluttered, though she tried not to show it.

"May I ask your name?" She asked, her blue-ish green-ish eyes looking dull for the light didn't hit them

"Samson Cross" He said, lightly bowing

"You are?" He asked, eyeing her lightly

"Jasmine Nima" She smiled ta him sheepishly, her eyes not meeting his

"Well it is nice to meet you Jasmine" He looked at his watch

"I better be off" He said, walking away swiftly. He moved quickly, almost gone by the time Jasmine tried to say goodbye. she waved, then went back inside.

Jasmine grabbed her bag, walking towards the park and the old oak. She crawled up the old oaks trunk, into it's branches. She leaned on the tree, her eyes on a small book she had pulled out of her shoulder bag. Ella Enchanted, one of her favorite books. She was half way through a chapter when her watched beeped, she looked at the time and gasped. she was once again late, she climbed out of the tree. Running down the small pathway, she slid into the diner. Clocking in. she looked around, no Nadine. she sighed with relief, then went to the door and flipped the sigh from Closed to Open. She looked bored, the time ticking by. second by second, minute by minute. Hours passed before the first person walked inside. It was Sam. 

                                                                          Ending of chapter two.

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