Winds of Time

It is about a small town girl, in the future, her life takes a turn when she meets Sam. A tall mysterious man. But the true adventure starts when she ends up almost being killed by fae folk.


4. Is death fun?

No one can come back from death, for it last forever. Or does it? can one come back? can one live forever, because death himself is afraid? 

Jasmine finally took a good look around. There were many trees, though their leaves were at the top, and they had no branches near the bottom. There was a small creek, it's water shimmered like diamonds. There were many flowers, and fruits. Jasmine grabbed a blue berry from a nearby bush, eating it. Her stomach growled for more, she looked at Sam

"Alright, why did you bring me here?" She asked, her rage finally dispersing. She looked at them, waiting for a new answer. Sam sighed, looking at her with his yellow eyes

"Jasmine, you have been here before, for some reason you apparently don't remember it-" 
"You may have been here before, Sam here may have made a mistake!" hissed the fairy, her voice became rude and annoyed. She didn't sound like what you would think a fairy should. 

"Anyway, There is... a problem. Your.... brother-" The dwarf this time is the one that chimed in

"Don't tell her too much, just in case" He warned, his eyes narrowed and sharp. His battle ax attached to his back
"I don't have a brother, you have the wrong Jasmine Nima. Now take me back!" she demanded, her eyes glowing purple again, though she did not know they were. 

"Her eyes, they... she has to be her. I told you!" said Sam, turning his back to Jasmine. 
"Don't. Turn. Your. Back. To. Me!" she screamed, the ground rumbled. The trees shook, leaves and sticks fell. The small creek behind her raised into the air, Jasmine's hair floated in the air. The shine from her eyes made her look like she had no pupils, nothing but the shine. Then everything stopped, the creek fell, splashing the back of Jasmines legs. She looked scared

"w-what happened?" She had pulled her arms in to her chest, her eyes now back to their blue-green color. She was shaking, Sam looked amazed. 
"I told you" He whispered to the others, then hugged Jasmine.
"Your brother was taken, but the ... by the goblins, they work for the.."
"Sam, you are horrible at giving information!" snapped the fairy
"Your brother was captured after trying to save a fairy from a trap the goblins had set, goblins use fairy wings for drinks, wines and food. Your brother mistakenly set the fairy free, but when he did he got captured because the goblins had been waiting for someone to come along and try and free the fairy as so they could get twice the catch." The fairy looked at the Dwarf, meaning for him to go next.
"So they took him, to the castle" He pointed off through the trees, there was a large mountain. On the top was a gray castle, but something looked off by it.
"We brought you here, because you belong here for one, and two" The dwarfs accent started to make his words inaudible.

"Two we are the last free Fae" Said Sam, finishing the dwarfs sentence for him. His eyes seemed narrowed in anger.
"It has taken me a year to find you, they caught the rest of us in that time. Jasmine you have to help"
"But... I don't know how!"
                                                                   End of Chapter Four.

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