Winds of Time

It is about a small town girl, in the future, her life takes a turn when she meets Sam. A tall mysterious man. But the true adventure starts when she ends up almost being killed by fae folk.


1. Can you save me?

when you fall, your body tenses. But what happens when you let go, and just accept that you are falling. Accept you will probably get hurt, you may even die....

The alarm blared in the corner of the room, a small ray of light drifted in through the  small crack in the gray curtains. A body moved under the covers of the queen sized bed, a small amount of brunette hair slide of from under them. Then they flew off, a small-ish girl lay there. Her green-ish blue-ish eyes open 'I need to get to work'. she thought, moving slowly from her bed. She looked at the clock, it read 6:30AM. She yawned, stretching out her sleeping muscles. She stood, her lace like nightdress falling to her knees. She walked into the bathroom, looking into the mirror

"Good morning Jasmine, what would you like today?" The mirror spoke, she looked at it.

"You decide this time, it's Monday so whatever suits a Monday." She said, sitting down in a small chair near the counter. She was still pretty much asleep, though she was able to seat upright. Small brushes and things moved over her face, cleaning it and placing make-up on her. 

in this world, shells around the neck help you find your soul mate. But if your shell if forever full, or if you never find your soul mate. You will die alone. 

She grabbed her puddle skirt from the end of her bed, quickly snapping it shut. She grabbed a small bobby pin, placing it into her hair carefully as to keep the last curl up

"Mirror do I look alright?" She asked, looking once more at the speaking mirror

"Even if you didn't  wouldn't be able fix it, you are late!" It snapped. She looked at the clocked, lightly cruising under her breath. She raced down the narrow pathway in the park, her shoulder hitting someone else's and sending her off balance and flying. Papers were everywhere. She gasped for air, looking around and grabbing papers

"I am so so sorry sir, I am just so late for work! and I-" she looked up, the man she was staring at was handsome. His jaw was slightly chiseled, his cheek bones high and proud. And his eyes a deep shade of emerald. His hair seemed so silky, though it curled slightly and was an amazing shade of brown. Jasmine had lost her words, her mouth lightly hanging open. she closed it, smiling sheepishly

"I am so sorry." He smiled at her, picking up some papers

"It is fine, it's my fault for not moving when I saw you." his voice, oh his voice. The charm seemed to drip from his mouth, it was so smooth, and just the right amount of deep. Jasmine felt something in her stomach, like a kind of sick feeling but also a lightness. Something she had never felt before. but his shell fell out of his tight suit, it was beautiful, blue and was larger then just a half. Her full shell, with the small chip, would never fit his. She sighed deeply, smiling and nodding before running off to her work place. She worked at a small diner, one that looked like it was pulled straight from the 50ies. Jasmine smiled at it, her beautiful eyes sparkling. Her eyes were unlike any other, the oddest color. Her eyes were a green mixed with a blue, though in some light they looked almost purple. She stopped smiling at the diner, her eyes becoming serious 'I am late, I really hope Nadine didn't notice' she smiled weakly, then walked inside.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" The voice was sharp, it lightly echoed from the corners of the empty building. Jasmine cringed, looking at Nadine. Nadine fiddled with her small shell necklace, it was a good quarter of a shell. She had been born with it, and she never looked for her soul-mate. Even after thirty four years alone, she still wouldn't look.

                                                                      End of Chapter one.     

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