midnight memories


1. you came back for me...


*wipes tears* "i'll be back when i do come back i'll marry you Jessica Diana Holland i promise" he said and that was the last time i ever saw him. as i thought about it a tear fell down my face." Jessica are you ok"? my friend Ashley asked "y-yea" i said wiping my tear "are you sure because you just started crying out of no where" she asked worried "yea i'm fine don't worry about it" i said "hey guys" i looked up to see my childhood friend Kate "hey" me and Ashley said in illusion. "whats up" she asked "nothing much whats up with you"i said not trying to tell her about me crying earlier "oh you know the usually except my brothers coming home with his friends and their gonna be going here today" she said with a sigh "brother"? i said surprised idk she had a brother i thought" yea i have a brother how come i never heard of him"? i asked "because i just don't like talking about him" she said with a shrug "ohhh is he cute"? Ashley asked out of no where "how should i no"? "he's your brother" she said annoyed "well i don't look to see his cuteness he's my brother and even if i did it would be wr-" before she could finish someone tapped her on her shoulder "hey sis" a tall curly headed boy said with 4 more boys behind him they were all cute but the boy in the varsity jacket caught my eyes he looked very familiar like i know him but idk from where i was soon snapped out of my thoughts by Kate calling me. jessica are you ok"? she asked "yea i'm just fine i have to go"i said  in a hurry  as i got up i heard kate and ashley whisper bye before i rushed out of the lunch room ________________all my classes went smoothly and they went by fast now i'm in drama class which is my favorite class ever. ok listen up everyone my teacher called to us now we have new students in today class everyone welcome Zayn Malik Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Ashley Coleman and Kate styles she said pointing to each one and i froze when she pointed to the boy with the varsity jacket Zayn Malik, Zayn Malik ZAYN MAILK then i soon went back to a flash back *wipes tears* "i'll be back when when i do come back i'll marry you Jessica Diana Holland i promise" he said he came back i whispered "who came back" i turned around scared to see ashley, kate and the boys nothing i said why are you over here i asked well our last teacher decided that we should be in drama class so she put us here and the teacher put us in your group for the project "what project"? i asked "the one where each group has to put on a play and oh yea here's your script your the princess and zayn's the prince" "he's is is he" i asked nervous" yea he is" kate said smiling "ok now boys please introduce your selves" "but the teacher already did it for us" niall said "but i still want you guys to do it" "ok, ok fine he said hi i'm Niall" "i'm Liam" i'm harry i'm Louis and i'm Zayn he said looking deep in to my eyes and i did the same to him "ohh lad your crushing already" harry said laughing which made both of us look down and blushed maybe this wont be a bad year i wonder if he knows who i am "umm miss what's your name" liam said "oh mine umm it's jessica" i said looking at all of them "jessica"? zayn said walking up to me "yes zayn it's me" i said before being pulled into a hug "you came back for me" i whispered "i promised didn't i"? he whispered back i'm just glad you did i said "umm.. what's going on here" kate said as i could see everyone agreed "well....." ___________________________________________________________________________


that's the first chapter the second chapter will be coming shortly:)




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