The Last Song **ONESHOT**

There are, tears on her grave..
From souls that will never heal..
There are, cards with her name..
And apologies written with blood..



3. Tears on MY grave?

I see the light.. I see it, right there, in front of me! I feel free.. A tall figure comes up.. Grandfather...


I run over in his arms, and I feel like I stand there forever when he finally speaks..


"I wanna show you something.. " he says.. I nod and follow him over to a hole.. I look down, and I see me, I see my dead body.. I look at my mother sitting next to me, crying?

And my farther holding my mother while tears stream down his face.. What..


I then notice the phone, I look closely at it.. And relize whatt they wrote..


The words 'DONT DO IT!' were all over my screen.. But.. What..


As I sit there, he says there is more.. I follow him to a new hole.. I look down and see my funeral.. But how.. I mean.. Wow..


I look around and notice my whole school being here, crying?... My parents are crying.. And I'm laying there, totally queit...

The cermony goes, and it's time for the speeches.. My mom goes up and start a speech.. And just hearing her voice makes me cry..

"H.. Hello everybody..

We are here today to say goodbye.. To.. To my daughter, Alexandra Josephine Heiman..

Alex was a, a queit girl.. she never ate, never talked, all she really did was go to school and come home to play her guitar, while she sings with her beautiful voice.. She could sit like that in hours.. But we didn't mind.. We liked her music.. But we never told.. Baby girl, I know we never been the good parents.. We ignored you.. We ignored your scream for help., we punished you for no reason.. You really must hate us..

But the thing is...

We love you Sweetie... And heaven just got a new Angel.. You ..

Love from

Mom and Dad.."


She finished the speech, and I sit here speechless., they actually cared... But never showed.. They actually listened.. But never told.,


As my mom walk down to my father, some people open my chain.. And then people started to walk over to it.. When they looked at me... They mumbled the words sorry... And cried..

And before I knoe it, they lifted my chain and took me down under the ground.. That was it.. My life on the earth was over..


As I looked down on them, one last time, to see all the sad people, the cards with my name, and my grave.. I noticed them all looking up... And then I knew it.. I wanted to watch over these people.. No matter how much shit they took me through.. I would from now on watch over them,, their family's and everything..



'There are tears on my grave..

From souls that will never heal..

There are cards with my name..

And apoligies written with blood..'





Okay, so this was my first one shot.. And I really wanna know what you guys think of it! <3

I actually wrote it at 03 am .. I couldn't sleep ('x


And the qouete/text from the blurb and the last lines in the story.. It's actually from

My brothers new song! It's really awesome!

And hey! Go and check out his other song

'Alex Mishvelia - Don't Worry'

I love the song, but yeah he wrote it last year, and he and his voice changed so yeah.. But go listen to it ('x


Also, don't forget to tell what you thought of the movella :D


And rememmber to Like, fav and Comment.. It means the world to me <3


Lots of love <3


~Katy <3 xx







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