The Last Song **ONESHOT**

There are, tears on her grave.. From souls that will never heal.. There are, cards with her name.. And apologies written with blood.. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THE RIME YOU SEE HERE IS TAKEN FROM MY BROTHERS SONG. (:


2. Goodbye World..

And as I sit there, in my best moment, my phone buzzez.. I take it up to see a message from unknown.,



I sigh and put my phone away, maybe , who ever it is, is right..

Who will even care if I die?

My mom? No.,,

My dad? FOR SURE NO!..

My friends? Wait, I don't have friends..


Yeah maybe killing myself, isen't that bad anyways.. I mean, they will all be happy without me..


Once again I sigh and sing for myself, and then it hits me.. Like a million og bricks.. I want to.. I want to die.. I want to leave! I can't take the hate.. I can't live like this.. This is my only chance!

I stand up from the cold wooden floor, I hear the T.V downstaris playing.. And my psrents talking and laughing..


I never thought i should say this, but I will miss them..

Of course you would, they are your parents..

Who said that?

Your inner voice dumbass .

Oh wow, even my inner voice hates me now.. Well goodbye inner voice!


As I wait for it to talk again, my phone buzz.. Once again.,



I sigh and type back..

#As you wish, bye world, bye life - The virgin who cuts and gets punched at home and bullied in school Alexandra#


I start my walk for the bathroom, when I reach it, I dont wait a second.. I find the blade under the sink..

And like that i start my journey to a better place.. I cut my wrist, I cut my legs, I cut my stomach, I cut it all..

After I drop the blade, I open the shelf and take out a glass and pills. I let the pills fall in my hand and within a second or two they are in me..


As I start to feel dizzy, I hear my phone buzz from my room.. I carefully walk in there and grab it..

I fight, just to keep my eyes open.. And all I see before I drop the phone is the word 'Unknown'


With my last powers I walk over to my guitar and hug it, then I sing the last song before everything goes black.. And i hear a scream..


It's over..

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