Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


3. The principal

 I sat there by the principal's desk.  So I must asked what happened?  Asked Mr. Bouck.   Nothing I mean what do you mean?   Ms. Paige have you seen yourself?  He asked.  I walked over to a mirror by the door.  My shirt had food on it.  My hair was messed up.  My jeans were torn.  And my lips were very very very red.  I walk back over to the chair.  I- I-  it was at lunch.  I said.  I know.  Said Mr. Bouck.  Earlier in Spanish class, we played truth or dare.  I paused waiting to what the principal would respond to that.  But he motioned for me to go on.  And Carson Richardson was dared by Andy Gang to kiss me.  So he did and I fell out of my chair.  Anyways, at lunch, my brother came over and said heard you have a boyfriend.  So I said stop stupid.  So then he said that calls for a spanking.  I ran away from him, and stuff, Carson's friend grabbed me, I got away,  and then Carson kissed me, and then I was held to the ground, and then I escaped.  The principal nodded.  I see well I will have to speak to Carson and his friends, and Justin-  NO!   I mean no please don't get mad at Justin.  He only did it because he was going to get paid.  And he has no money- just please don't take it out in him!  The principal nodded.  I sighed.  Now Ms. Paige do you have a change of clothes?   I nodded.  In my locker.  Very well go and change, I will speak with Carson and his friends.  I nodded and existed the office.  I went to my locker and pulled out my change of clothes.  I went to the bathroom to change, and done.  I walked out to see Mr. Bouck making his way to his office with Carson and his friends behind him.  I walked back to my locker to put my dirty clothes in my bag, and then I went back to the cafeteria.  I sat with Clare while finishing up my lunch.  Then the bell rang, and we went out in the Hall.  I was about to head to English, but was stopped by Mr. Bouck. Ms. Paige your mother is here to pick you up.  I have told her what has happened over the phone and she's here to pick you up. Oh thank goodness it thought.  I grabbed my bag and headed out the door and towards the silver pilot car waiting for me.  I got in and shut the door.  Hi sweetie.  Said my mom.  Hey mom.  I said.  Don't worry I will ground Justin-  no mom please don't he was going to be paid to do that.  Please don't.  My mom just simply nodded.  We drove home, and other I looked in my backpack for my homework.  But it wasn't there.  Mom do you know where my homework is?  I asked.  My mom came over.  Mr. Bouck took your homework.  He knows you have had a very hard day so you don't have any.  I thanked Mr. Bouck Inside my head.  


Mom I'm home!  I heard Justin call from downstairs.  Hi honey!  My mom called from the kitchen.  My mom came to the door, and hugged him. I watched from The upstairs balcony.  Um mom Paige wasn't on the bus.  Oh silly!  Said my mother she came home early!  My brothers eyes widended.  And he rushed up the stairs.  I went away from the balcony toward the stairs.   When my brother can up he picked me up and twirled me around.  Hey sis.  He said.  Hey.  I replied.  Sorry about today.  He said, as he put me down.  Where's Lilly?  He asked.  In her room playing with her ponies.  Justin rushed in her room, and Paige heard a squeal.  It was like her and Justin never went to lunch today.

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