Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


1. Spanish class

 I'm  Paige.  Red hair look like Bonnie Wright ( Ginny Weasley)  I'm 15 and I don't have a true love.  My mom is a doctor, and my dad is with a company named PepsiCo.  I have a little sister named Lilly, and a older brother named Justin.  I go to Stonewell High school with my brother, and my sister goes to StoneCreek Elementary school.  My brother is 18 a senior, and my sister is 9 she's in 3rd grade.  


 Amazing!  Yelled my best friend Clare.  If you ever get a interview your sure to win.  That thing you just said about your life rocked!  Thanks Clare.  I blushed.  We were on the bus being tooken to our school.  Oh hey look there's  Carson.  Cooed Clare.  Snap out of it!  I yelled.  She turned back to me.  Carson is a regular boy, and I don't understand why you like him so much!  I yelled.  It was true I didn't have a crush on anyone.  As for Clare she has a crush on Carson.  Paige you need to stop being so sassy to your friends.  Said a voice behind her.  She jumped from her seat and turned around.  Justin!  Go away!  She yelled.  As you wish princess.  He said.  I made a motion to punch him and he went back to his seat.  The bus halted to a stop, and and everyone got up.  I grabbed my bag and got out of the seat into the aisle and walked to the front to get off.  Yo Ginger!  Yelled Justin.  I turned around.  Shut up!  I said.  And if you haven't noticed your a ginger too!  It was true my brother looked like Ron wealsey.  Justin growled and I ignored him.  We got off the bus, and walked into our school.  You really need to stop fighting back.  Said Clare.  Are you kidding?   Fighting with my brother is awesome!  I said.  Suddenly Carson walked past them.  Clare almost tripped on a pencil on the ground by looking at him.  How can you not like him?  Clare asked me.  I just don't.  He's really not that cute.  Clare rolled her eyes. Your crazy.  She replied.  We went into our Spanish class room, and sat In our seats.  Carson sat by me because that's our assigned seats.  I also sat by a boy named Zack.  Who was a nerd.   We got out our books and paper and pencils.  Alright class turn to page 394!  Said our teacher,  Mr. Sanchez.  I flipped to the right page, and then waited.  Soon everyone was on the page, and we begun class.  


Uno!  Repeat Uno!  Everyone repeated it, but everyone already knew the word Uno.  Oh my!  Said or teacher.  He was looking at his phone.  I forgot!  My wife is needing me!  He sprinted out the door.  Everyone stared.  Truth or dare anybody?  Said a voice.  Paige turned.  A girl named Andy had her feet on the desk packing cool.  Everyone quickly said yes, and Andy put her feet down.  Truth or dare.........Clare!  She said.  Clare narrowed her eyes.  Dare.  I dare you to write all over the chalk board.  No green shall show.  Clare got up and took the chalk, and begun.  Alright truth or dare........Skly!  She yelled.  A girl with blonde hair jumped, and nodded.  Truth.  She said.  Whimp. Muttered Andy.  Which guy is the most cutest to you in this room.  Skly's head perked up.  Zack!  Everyone bursted out laughing.  Alright, truth or dare..................Carson!  She yelled.  Dare.  He said.  I dare you...............She looked around the room.  I dare you to kiss Paige!  Paige's eyes widended.  No no no please I don't agree with this!  She yelled.  Whimp.  Muttered Andy.  Paige narrowed her eyes.  I am not a Whimp!  Then do it!  Andy yelled.  I don't have to Carson has too!  Andy turned to Carson.  What are you waiting for?  A invitation?   Carson got up, and walked over to Paige.  He crashed his lips on hers, and she fell out of her chair.  She got up.  You Stupid!   She yelled.  Everyone went quiet.  Clare had dropped the chalk.  She grabbed her bag and dashed out of the room.  Paige I really don't like you it was a dare.  He yelled.  She stopped.  Yeah a dare!  You can say no!  She ran out of the room.  She heard Carson say I don't even like you I hate you!  She sprinted towards the schools front door.  She wasn't going to leave, but she wasn't going in the class room.  She dashed through the doors,  and sat down on the grass by a tree.  The Carson is such a a a-  a tear rolled down her face.  Andy and Carson Suck.  The doors banged open and Clare came running out toward her.  OMG what happened in there?! She yelled.  Go away.  No really!  She said.  Stupid Dare.  Clare sighed.  Andy is really mean.  Paige wiped the tear.  This was going to be a long year.

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