Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


6. Close friends

 I walk onto the bus the next morning, with Justin, and slide in me and Carson's seat.  Hey Paige.  He said. Sup!  I replied.  I looked over and saw Clare and Andy talking.  A tear appeared on my cheek, sliding itself down.  Carson turned to me.  He wiped my tear.  Paige what's wrong?  He asked in  very calm voice.  Clare.  I whisper.  Carson sighed.  You really really miss her that much?  Yes.  I said.  Carson, will you help me get her back, oh please.  The only reason she was mad at me was because of you.  Carson, she likes you.  Carson gasped.  But if we get her back, does that mean the end of our relationship?  Relationship?  I ask.  You mean Friendship?  Oh yeah I meant that.  He said.  I smile.   So you will help me?  Duh!  He said.  I hugged him.  Thanks.  




Paige! I turn at lunch to see Carson running towards me.  What?  I ask.  He stops, and sits down beside me.  I think I have a plan.  I smile.  Brilliant let's hear it.  It will take place tonight.  I'll just need a bit help from Andy.....



I put on a purple long sleeve shirt.  I put on some boots, and jeans, and rush out the door.  Carson's car was waiting for me outside.  I open the door, and slide it.  I end up on Carson's lap.  Wha- I start.  This is the drivers seat.  He said.  Oh sorry I was in London a couple of weeks ago, sorry-  No said Carson as I start to move.  It's fine just stay here.  Carson your house is-  yeah 25 minutes away so what?  I blush.  Ok drive.  I scoot over off his lap, and double buckle with him in the drivers seat.  Carson started to drive.  So Paige have you ever had a boyfriend?  Huh oh no no I haven't.  I said.  Ah.  He said.  I smirk.  Have you had any girlfriends judging by all the girls that like you?  No actually I haven't.  He replied.  Oh I see.  I say.  




Carson pulls up his driveway, and pulls me out of The car.  We race to the door,  and unlock it.  The lights turn on, and I see a table set for 2  with flowers and candles.  I smirk, and rush into the kitchen.  The dining table and the kitchen were right beside each other.  I close the doors, to the kitchen, and pull on a Apron.  Carson follows me, but goes into the pantry, and closed the door.  Um Carson?  I try to open the door, but he slams it.  I'm changing!  I laugh.  At least tell me that.  I get out a cutting board, and a knife.  I then thrust open The fridge, and start throwing out vegetables.  Carson comes out of the Pantry, with a tux on.  Ohhhh fancy.  I say.  He laughs.  Where are your parents?  I ask.  Pairs.  He says.  I chop up vegetables as fast as I can, while accidentally scraping me finger with the knife.  Ow!  I cry out in pain.  Carson rushes over.  Here let me help you.  He stands behind me and brings his arms around me onto the cutting board.  I flinch, as I feel his body touching mine.  He starts chopping up vegetables very fast.  I smile.  Ok I got this.  He smilies ok.  He goes over to the dining table to make sure everything was ok.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  She's here!  I hiss.  Close the kitchen doors!  He closes them for me, as I chop up the vegetables.   This is gonna be good.

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