strangers. // 5SOS {coming soon}

A horrific past of Annabelle Ester makes her forget everything, even her best friend.


1. i.

"Annabelle Ester, a young teenager at the age of 16, has been kidnapped or has said to be. She has been missing for over three days and there has been no sign of her." Michael sighed as the T.V. News anchor reported his best friend's disappearance. It's been awhile since he last saw her, five days and counting. Even though she was only hiatus for three days, she didn't visit and see Michael in the two days previous. He wanted her to found, hopefully not dead or hurt, he missed her. She was one of the few friends he's had, they grew up together since the age of two. She was originally from the U.S. but her dad's job got transferred to West Sydney, Australia. But ever since then, they clicked. Of course now he had other friends too, but not many. "Police and security have been searching everywhere in the area she was last spotted, no traces have been found, they have decided to expand the search team further." Michael sighed once more, "Please be okay, An."
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