Smaugs Treasury.

Toothless is a Half-Dragon and instead of Bilbo, he is the one to find the ArkenStone. Toothless finds found the secret door, which the dwarf sent him through so he could get The Arkenstone. Rated M for safety's sake. Ship. SmaugxToothless


1. Smaugs Treasury.

Yeah so, this is my first Fanfic with Smaug. I do admit that I translated this from my Danish Fanfic "Smaugs Skatekammer" Which is translated to "Smaugs Treasury" I will do my best to translate my Danish Fanfic over to English, so I might already put out the first three chapters today. However, I won't be writing on Danish more so I will take over to the English part of it now :3

Enjoy :3


Smaugs Treasury.

He had done it, Toothless had found the keyhole to the secret door. The other Dwarves returned to him, and they finally got into the secret entrance to the mountain.

Toothless went down through a hall with Balin, as Balin placed his hand on Toothless' shoulder.

"To be honest with you Toothless, I do not know what you will encounter there. But if…" he said, as Toothless looked at him with his green eyes. "If it happens that there is….a sleeping Dragon down there…"Balin said, as Toothless took another step down at the stairs they had reached.

"Yes?" Toothless asked,

"It's best not to wake it up." Balin finished, before he turned and went back again to the other Dwarves.

"I shall d-"Toothless said when he had his hand raised slightly, but too late. Balin had already gone back to the others.

"Very Well." Toothless muttered, he turned back to the stairs, with some careful and slow steps, Toothless got down to the treasury. All the gold coins, jewels and gold cups. Everything you could call a treasure was in here.

"Wow." Toothless muttered with a awe voice, as he looked around the big treasure. He walked slowly down at the stairs and came to a pile of gold coins, which he took a cup filled with golden coins.

Toothless took a few coins from the cup, where he studied them thoroughly.

"Dwarf-gold… more precisely, Dwarves coins." He said and poured the coins back in the cup.

Toothless then put the cup back on its place. "Arkenstone, where are you?" He mumbled and climbed up at the large pile of coins. The half-dragon looked around, he had to find the Arkenstone. The question was, where was it? The whole hall here was filled with various treasures and riches. He did not know where to search for the Arkenstone.

Toothless took a deep breath, this would take long time before he could find the glowing Arkenstone. He took a large white stone and looked at it, he shook it slightly, he bit it to see if it did something.

"no, you're not the Arkenstone." He said, while he threw it away a bit careless. The white stone hit a cup which gave a loud noise. The noise echoed throughout the main treasury chamber. Toothless then hushed, as he held his finger in front at his mouth.

"Quiet!" he whimpered. "Do not get me in trouble!" he said with the whimpering voice, as he heard the silence came back again.

"Now, where are you little Arkenstone?" he muttered. By accident, he kicked a golden bowl, where coins ran down from the big pile of golden coins.

Toothless stood still, his heart was beating fast as a rabbit. Slowly, Toothless turned and looked at the place where the coins fell. He could see a huge eye from a giant Dragon.

The half-dragon Toothless bit his lip, slowly, he tried to step away from the dragon-eye. He saw that it moved and quickly as possible Toothless hid under a small pile of coins.

Toothless held his breath when he heard a loud noise. He heard the coins, and a deep growl could be heard throughout the treasury chamber. The coins that he hid behind, fell upon him so it covert his body. Toothless himself made sure, that he fold himself small as possible. The half-dragon held his hand to his mouth, so he could stop his breath in drawing attention to where he was.

He stopped himself from gasping, when he heard the deep voice speaking in the chamber. The voice echoed through the ceiling and made it more profound and frightening.

"Well…Thief!" The great Dragon was talking as he moved his large head up from the pile of golden-coins, which he had slept under.

"I…can….smell you." Smaug said, as he moved his huge hand from another pile of coins. He gave a small growl, as he sniffed in the air.


Short start I know, but live with it alright? :3 Is the Ship interesting enough? Me and a friend had a small fangirl moment when we watched the second movie at "The Hobbit" As soon as we saw smaug, we both found that Toothless would be a perfect mate to him. :3 do Review, please?

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