Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )

A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty.


4. Transpose

We sit on the edge of the building, our feet dangling off the roof.

Since we got to The Passageways, Justin hasn't allowed me to leave his sight, and when nobodies watching he slightly touches me. It was only when we were able to really hide from the crew, that we really touched. Now, his arm remains wrapped around my waist, and my head rest on his chiseled shoulder. 

The cool wind blows through my hair and I shiver, but it was his touch which causes bumps to form on my arms. 

"I'm sorry I left you behind," He says looking into the skyline of the city. Now that I stare up at half his face, I just realize the slight scar on his cheek. It's so small and faded, I barely notice it, but I'm glad I did.

"What's that?" I say. He looks down at my face, a bright-white smile eventually spreading from ear to ear. 

"What's what?" God was the smile so beautiful. 

"There's a scar on you cheek," I reply. With a chuckle, he looks back over at the sea  of buildings. 

"It's a long story," he mutters. "I'll tell you that story eventually. When I'm not too busy looking in your beautiful eyes." 

Again, he looks back at me, but this time his gorgeous brown eyes pierce into mine. My cheeks grown warm, and he lifts his hand to my cheek , as if to gently lay it back to bed. Tears well up in my eyes from the cold, and his hand slides across, softly wiping them. 

"Stop that," I cry. His browns furrow, but his lips remain in his smile of perfection. 

"Stop what?" He says lightly, knowing the power that his words have on me. 

"Stop being so cheesy," I exclaim and press my finger to his shoulder. He giggles, but begins looking at the city again. A sudden, yet subtle look of despair is painted on his face, and he looks tired. 

"Can I ask you something," I ask. He acknowledges me with a mhm, but remains looking out into the ocean of buildings. 

"Why me?" He looks at me with a questioning glance, and I realize the question to be quite general. "Why do you like me?"

As if confused, he opens his mouth speechless. Finally, he moves his hand to brush the hair out of my face and smiles once again. God I love his smile.

"Because when all else failed," he begins. "And the lights turned off, you were there to be the candle that lights up the entire room." 

Unwillingly, my cheeks go warm and I shiver under the hold of his eyes. They pierce into my soul, asking me to remove my clothes and twirl around, and for a second I actually consider it. His eyes keep me held, and I can just sit here, in his hold, staring into his beautiful brown eyes for the rest of my life. He licks his amazing tasting lips, and as if on cue, he places his free hand on my cheek. 

"I will not rest, until I know that you're completely safe." And with that, our lips collide, and I feel the fireworks yet again. My entire body goes completely numb, and all I can feel is his arm around my waist, his lips on my lips, and his entire essence. He smells wintry, and his breath is nice and cool. 

When he pulls out, he looks into my eyes and hold my hand softly in his. His hands are so gentle and smooth, and his finger tips graze my cheek yet again. We sit there in silence, embracing each other's essence for a few moments. Finally, he breaks the silence. 

"We have to go," he says with a smile of satisfaction. "I have to speak to the crew." 

"Bring me with you," I cry. Instead, he stands and pulls me into the dark abyss of the entrance hallway. We walk under into a massive room lit by hundreds of candles which remain held by crew members. Suddenly, he lets go of my hand and disappears into the darkness. 

"Hey Hil," May says from behind. She startles me, and I chuckle in relief. She seems confused at my passive behavior, but she seems to reconsider it for a moment. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm alright," I say as a fake smile plasters on my face. "Could be way better, though."

As if to say hallelujah, she holds her hand up for a clap and I almost ignore it. With a smack, we turn around toward the crowd and slowly creep our way to the front.

"Justin needs to speak to us," I explain. 

"About what?" She asks, seeming anxious for some off reason. 

"How should I know," I say. "Oh right! Because I can read his mind."

"Ha," she chuckles, unconvinced. "That's not what you were saying when you guys were sticking your tongues down each other's throats." 

"Wait-" I begin, turning around to face her, but the lights flicker and everyone begins to go silent.

"People," his voice booms over the horn. "I need you all to remain calm."

In response, the entire crowd bursts into chatter and objections, but he allows them some time to speak. Finally, he speaks.

"Unfortunately, they have found where we use to stay, which means we can no longer stay there. For now, we will be staying here until further notice. Let me set some rules."

May looks over to me with a look of confusion and aggravation, and she nods over in his direction. "You know anything about that?" 

I shake my head and continue to listen to his sexy voice. 

"Rule number one: There's only one rule. Rule number two: If you're out past curfew, for any reason, you will be killed." 

With that, he steps down from the stage with his bullhorn, and leaves into the shadows. Did he just threaten us?

Although I've only been here for a few days, it is said that he's never done anything like this before. The crowd fills with screams and chaos, but after about five minutes and thirty-two seconds, the rambunctious activity dies down. 

"I'll be right back," I say as I begin to turn. This time, May grabs my arm with a look of disturbance. 

"This time," she sternly says. "You better come back." 

With that, she lets go and I run toward where he disappeared. The long corridor outside of the room leads down to a door with a red exit sign above it. It somehow flickers on and off, and I shutter at the idea of walking that way. 

Still, my curiosity gets the best of me and I move forward, looking back ever few seconds to see the light around the door growing smaller and smaller. As I run further and further, the exit sign only seems to get farther away, and I huff as the sweat drips down my forehead.

Suddenly, I'm pulled to the left by two strong arms, and I let out a startled cry. "Let me go!"

Instead of a reply, a hand covers my mouth while the other wraps around my waist, keeping me in the persons grasp. They kick the back of my legs, and I fall to the ground. My muffled screams seam weak and monotone behind their strong hand.

Finally, the hand removes from my lips, but before I can scream the hand comes back to smack me across the face.

"Shut the fuck up," he screams. His voice sound slightly familiar, but I can't exactly pinpoint why. "You shut up, you live."

When he ends with that, I quickly stop moving and bite my lips so that they don't keep moving. I fight the urge to squirm by counting.

One second goes by. The room is filled by the still silence. Two seconds go by. His hand caresses the side of my cheek, but the single light bulb above fails to illuminate much. Three seconds go by, and I can feel his lips graze the tip of my ear. 

"You're going to let me do what ever I want," he whispers, and from behind I hear a chuckle. The gun pointed to my head is the only thing keeping me from turning around. "And you're going to like it."

His breath smells of sewage and is hot, causing unpleasant shivers running down my spine. Several seconds later, I hear his belt unbuckle and I begin to panic. I can't let him do this. 

Suddenly, I jolt out towards him and squeeze his privates harder than any punch I've given. He screeches out in agony, and I hear movement from behind. 

"What the hell is going on?" A guy says. "I can't see shit!" 

I claw at what seems to be his face, and he punches and kicks at the air behind. As if out of nowhere, I'm suddenly lifted off my knees and thrown to the ground. I let a cry out in agony, and receive a kick to my side. "Stay down bitch!" 

"JUSTIN!" I scream, but fail to realize that he won't hear me. It doesn't matter. I've got to try. "Help me!" 

This time, a fist collides with my jaw and I begin to just sob. One guy pins me down hard, and the other gets on top of me. He kisses my lips forcefully, and I struggle to push him away. He gets upset when I don't kiss back, and he slaps me across my cheek.

"Girl, you better cooperate." So I do, and when I here pants unzip,I know it's only just begun. 

He pulls his pants down, and I hear the elastic of his underwear smack at his skin. He's taunting me. 

"Just get it over with," I cry. 

"Oh," he says. "We've got a feisty one here! I like that-"

Just as he's about to insert himself inside of me, taking everything that belongs to me, the door slams open. 


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