Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )

A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty.


2. Shatter

I stopped him before he got below my knees. 

       It was weird how much I both wanted him, but also inexplicably didn't. He had this way to him that could turn a rock on, but I've never had sex before and I was scared. When I asked him to stop, he paused for a split of a second. He got my panties halfway down, and was soon to begin eating me out when I moved away. 

       "What's wrong baby," he asks like an innocent, yet deviant child. "Would you like to please me first?" 

       Please him. Please me. Two words together, I've never said in regards to sex. It seemed, and still seems foreign to me but I disregarded the note for a slight moment. I pull down on the hem of my shirt, covering my private and he stands from his kneel. 

       "I-I'm not ready for this," I stammer, struggling to get my wants in order. I wanted to desperately to insert his large partner inside of me, and to have him please me, but I knew I wasn't ready for it. At first, he looked disappointed but he seemed to secondly understand. He used his sexy, deviant smile and it took everything in my power not to push his head back down. 

        "Okay," He said lightly. He held the back of my head and pulled me in his embrace. Our lips met strongly, and I almost felt the explosions. The Cold from the air conditioning tingled and pierced my then-sensitive skin, and I shook uncontrollably. He laughed and pulled out from the kiss. Our foreheads and noses remained contact, as we pierced through each other's eyes.

         "What was that?" I asked, his light, beautiful eyes moving from mine and down to my lips. He smiled again, and my body once again replied in shaking. 

            "That was my lips, connecting with your lips," He joked. "And the amazing feeling of explosions that arise from our actions." 

         I nervously laughed at his statement and realized exactly what he just said. Making the explosions a reality, he admitted to feeling the same feelings as I. At first, I believed he just wanted me for the sex, but after that I felt it might just be more than that. Could there be more to Justin, then a deviant smile and amazing looks? 

             "Whenever you want, love," He whispers in my ear. "I'm always ready to please the needs of your body." 

             I began to wonder what would be going to far, exactly. So, I grabbed at the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine. He looked at me, and I sensed a bit of slight nervousness, which turned me on even more. 

              "I'm scared of sex," I whispered attempting (and probably failing) to sound sexy. "But, you can go down on me if you want."

              In reply, which I assumed to be a yes, he licked his lips and bent on his knees. He kisses from my hip to just above the inside of my knee. It tingled my entire body, and a shrill of excitement and nervousness had jet up and down my spine. "God, you have thick thighs." 

                At first, my face glowed red with embarrassment and offence, but he looked up with a wink and said, "I love thick thighs." 

              With his hands holding my hips, he used his teeth to tear my panties off. At first, he struggled, but his strength eventually won and the underwear ripped. I tilted my head back and held his hair, preparing for the best orgasm of my life. His partner grew at it's hardest and extremely largest state, and I suddenly felt like I should've been pleasing him first. 

                 He almost began, but I stopped him. "Should I be sucking you off, first?" I asked. He chuckled at my ignorance, and shook his head. With even more confidence and readiness, he began with his tongue which felt amazing. I've heard of people whom sucked at licking, but boy did Justin know what he was doing. 

                   When he went to start using his fingers, that's when it suddenly happened. Out of completely nowhere, an extremely loud boom was heard somewhere near the mess hall. A sound that sounded like a monster, yet ended up being the shrill screams of thousands of crew members, sent my ears scurrying across the floor. "Shit."

                   He ran over to his locker, and quickly dressed in his black cloth. I'd never seen a man get dressed so quick in my entire life, and I was impressed. However, I couldn't get it off my mind that he only started for twenty-seven seconds. Yes, I timed it. I time everything. 

             My body oddly felt violated or awkward, and I remember slowly putting my clothes on, oblivious to my rambunctious surroundings. Looking around the room, I'd found Justin nowhere and I wondered how much I really mattered to him. 

                     "What the fuck are you doing?" Sam yells, as she runs into the boy's locker room. "Let's go, now."

                     "Justin just made the call," She pants. "We have to leave this facility right now." 

               "Wait-wait! Why?" I scream over the loud screams already present. Suddenly, I begin to hear the gunfire echoing throughout the hallways. The explosion.

               "I'll explain later!" And with that, she pulls my half naked ass away from the locker Justin pinned me up against. His partner resting on my body. His body, on my body. His lips, on my lips. Quickly, I pull up my black pants before I leave the locker room. Yes, I still worried about decency (even during this crucial time). 

                 I run through the halls with Samantha, trying to find Addie and May. After almost fifteen minutes of searching, we run toward the exits hoping they found their way out. Sam trips over a fallen piece of two-by-four, and slams her knee into a sharp piece of metal. With a sheer, loud ass scream, she pants on the ground holding her knee. 

                 "Fuck Fuck Fuck shit shit shit!" She pants. She causes some attention to be brought toward us, but we somehow remain hidden in the shadows. A large piece of metal impales her knee. I place my finger on my lips and tell her to shut up. It takes her a slight while, but she eventually pulls through. 

                  I rip the belt from out her waist, and tell her to bite down. Without hesitation, she does and I begin to count. 

I have five minutes before she dies of blood loss. 

Two until our position is compromised.

Which means I have one minute to do this, and haul our asses out of this building. 

                   I try to pull the metal out of her legs, but after twenty seconds of it not working, I almost give up. But I have an idea. I warn her of the unbearable pain, and at first she shakes her head. Thirty seconds. After I tell her about the possibilities of capture, she nods her head and I take my machete from out my holster. 

                      The tears pour down her face, and it makes me suddenly cry. I raise the blade, measure my cut, and slice right through skin and bone. The blood gushes out, but I wrap the leg with my two shirts. She gasps loud as hell, and twist and turns and convulses before passing out. 




I hate that nothing happened, but I have so many ideas and it's just flowing together. It'll happen trust me! Tell meh what you think below! 



Mr Bieber

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