Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )

A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty.


3. Pierce

The sound of boot against concrete rumble throughout the alleyway. 

It feels like almost an eternity since we've left the abandoned hotel, but it was only five minutes later that we would have met up with May. She'd been crouched on the floor against the brick wall. 

"What's wrong, M?" I say worried. She doesn't say anything for about three seconds, but when she speaks her voice sounds battered and foreign. 

"She-she's dead," she says without looking up from her hands, which muffle her sobs. "I can't believe it, she's really dead."

I keep Samantha lifted up, indirectly making our limited time known. For a second, I stumble on my words, attempting to dig deep for the words in my brain.

"Wait-what?" I whisper concerned. She still doesn't move an inch, and I almost tell her to hurry herself up.  Finally, after a while, she gets up and brushes her dusty pant legs off. Her head remains toward the floor, and her hands shake at her side. 

"May?" I lift my hand to touch her bare shoulder. She flinches ever so slightly, but she still looks toward the ground. "Are you okay, May?"

Instead of looking up at me and saying what I'd hoped, she lunges forward like a defending snake. I grab her pencil like arms, lurch entire body around, and bend her arm with her body pinned against the wall. For a few seconds she struggles in my grasp, but I keep my body on top of hers. 

"Let me go!" She cries, but I take her head and scrape it against the brick wall. Even then, she continues to jostle and fight with all her strength, but she fails. 

"Now," I start. "I will let you go, only if you run your ass to The Passageways!" 

Suddenly, she pauses, giving my proposition a little thought. After five seconds, she nods her head quickly and crazily. So, without much though, I let her go and we begin running toward our meet up. 

I still can't resist the urges to think about Justin. If he really cared for me as much as he'd made me think, then why would he just leave without protecting me? I mean, I realize how selfish I sound, him having to protect our whole crew and all, but he'd almost had sex with me on that locker.

Still, I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing his body felt pressed up against mine. And how it felt like fireworks were bursting through the air as he kissed me. Maybe, I wanted something more than just sex and he didn't. 

It would only be a few minutes later, that we would be passing over a small river on a stony bridge. The bridge was known to be slightly worrisome, and I couldn't see any of my crew in front or behind, so I couldn't help but to be worried. 

Looking behind in this gloomy night, I only see flashlights that illuminate the guard dogs in front of them. The hoot incomprehensible words at each other, and there seems to be a slight clamor. 

"This is the police," one says on a bullhorn. No shit. "Stop running now, or we'll shoot!"

When we reach the end of the bridge, the middle of it explodes, sending the guards in all different directions. The smoke blocks my view of the guards before the blast, but I keep on running.

On my left, I come up to Bounty, who hides in the shadows with his sniper. He motions for me to come over, so I do not May continues with Sam in her arms. Her help was a reprisal for her ooutburst.

"What's up," I say over the shots and explosions. He looks into the scope, breaths in heavy to steady his aim, and fires one quick burst.

"How's it looking from behind, X?" He asks.

"X," I say, slightly confused at my sudden name change. "Is that what they're calling me now?"

"Yeah," he chuckles. "Every since that explosion. Get it?"

Haha, so original. "Nice. It's liking pretty explosion-y. Pun intended."

"Yeah," he winks. His blue eyes and creamy-Brown skin shines in the explosive inspired light. I didn't realize his head was shaved today.

"Stop that flirting," I say slapping him on the shoulder. "We're close to dying, yet you still find a way."

"More the reason to talk to a pretty girl," he says with a white smile. He almost looks serious.

"YOU'RE GAY!" I yell with a laugh. "You made that quite clear with your obsession with Mike."

"Ahem," he says, clearing his throat. "I am bisexual." 

I push off of him, as I realize the guards seem to have pushed through the rifle of the bridge.

"Don't leave so soon, beautiful." He exclaims. I laugh.

"I have to go Bobby- I mean Bounty!" I yell over the fire. "Talk to you later!"

I hold a grenade in my hand as I run, but try to avoid using it unless emergency calls for it. Bounty's shots pierce through the air with great affect, as they connect with dogs and human flesh.

Now running with no-one to slow my advances, I take my time with planning. I act fast, pulling the machete out of my pack, continuing to the building closest to my right. The door swings open when I slam into it, and I run up the cement, dirty steps. The antique looking rail busts off the wall from my pressure, and slides down the stairs. 


Continuing with the same speed, I get I to the roof in only thirty-three seconds. Crouching, I slowly move toward one guard and push the point of my knife into her thigh. Flying to the ground, she cries out in pain and drops her gun. I quickly steal her pistol and shoot the guard holding the grenade launcher. 

Almost swinging over the edge, it hits the edge and falls on the roof. I run up to it, and make sure I haven't killed him. I only shot him in his shoulder, so I remove my jacket and t-shirt exposing my bra. I throw him my shirt, and quickly put my jack back on.

"Use that to cover both of your wounds," I begin. "Throw any of your weapons to me."

The man throws his two pistols at my feet, and she slides the knife. I pat his pants, holding the gun in her direction and watching her carefully. After doing the same to her, I run up to the edge of the building, pointing the gun in the direction I came from. 

Swat members come in quickly, and I look for something to block their way. Below me, I see Bounty run toward The Passageways, and I aim for my target. 

I send one, crucial shot at the line of cars in front, blocking our way. Successfully, large pieces of car and ruble are sent through the air and smash into building on either side. The bricks fall down onto the pavement, but it doesn't stop them. 

Loading one last bullet into the gun, I prepare for another shot. Suddenly, I see a light pointing at me from the air. A helico-

Someone from behind slams into my body and starts slamming my head into the edge of the building. I squirm in their grasp, but whoever it is keeps fighting harder. When I feel a gun being put the back of my head, I freeze.

"Hilary Fitzgerald," she screams. "It's over for you!"

"Let me fucking go," I yell. But I remain still, her gun convincing me not to do otherwise. Slowly, I slide my hand down my thigh, feeling the small pocket knife inside my pocket-pocket. She sits on and top of me, holding me down and waiting for something. 

"Keep up that attitude, and you'll never see the outside of a prison cell." A tear streams down my cheek as I struggle to pull out my knife. I try to be as careful about it as possible, and she seems not to notice. Looking to my side, I see that the fallen guards remain there wounded. 

I finally get the knife out of my pocket and prepare for my target. Suddenly, I hear a loud gunshot from above me, and jump out of being scared. For a split-second, she becomes weightless on top of me, and then she'd pulled off. 

I remain on the ground with knife in hand, and prepare to attack whoever stands there. 

"Hilary," Justin says. His voice seems almost foreign, yet so inviting at the same time. 

"Justin?" I ask, standing up and brushing off my knees. He stands there, black dirt covering his entire face, and his shirt ripped from his chest to his abdomen. "Oh my god, are you okay?!"

I run up to him to check his torso, but it remains mysteriously untouched. He chuckles, and it makes me feel embarrassed. 

"I mean- It's not that I care," I lie, attempting to save my sorry ass from the hole I just dug. He laughs a loud, and brings his hand up to my face. Without saying a word, he licks his lips, and pierces mine with his eyes. Suddenly, we smash lips, and this time I not only feel the fireworks but I hear them. Well at least it felt that way.

After one long, and passionate kiss, he pulls out and places his forehead on mine. Our noses touch and our eyes meet. The atmosphere feels cold again, and all I can feel is the cold, his lips, my lips, and his strong grip. 

"You'll never have to deal with this again," he says with disgust. "You're a princess, and you deserve to be treated like one." 

With that, we find time for one last kiss, and run to the Passageways. 




Heyyy Guyssss <3

Sorry for all the extra s's and y's hehe :P I hope you liked this chapter. I've been having a hard time updating because of being sick, but Mr Bieber is feeling all better loves! <3

Tell meh what you think, yeah? :P 

Love yass

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