Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )

A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty.


1. Initiation

I run the rooftops like Spider Man. 

       The adrenaline rush is crazy, and every bone in my body is exhilarated by near-death. I haven't stopped counting since the first bullet pierced the air, and sent shrills into my ears, killing the little ear hairs. It's been almost five whole minutes and in those said minutes, I've surpassed several bullets and hopped several roofs. 

        Sounds of feet hitting pavement combust in the alleyways below, denouncing that as an escape route. I don't have time to worry about certain things such as, have they seen my face yet or do they know my name. So, instead I push onward and dodge each and every bullet. 

        The mask begins to make my eyes itch, and it takes everything for me not to drop the bags and reach up. I hop another roof, and almost trip over the ledge but, I find my balance and keep going. The sounds of police sirens blare throughout the air, and I stutter in my movement to try and find a place to hide. Looking over, I see a huge wall next to a vent and decide to hide behind that.

         Only a few feet behind, I realize I'll have to find a diversion. So, I simply take the spherical object out of my bag, look past the wall, bite into the chain, and send the ball ten to twenty feet in the air. Every second goes by slow as the ball rotates in the air. 

         One second. The guards come closer and closer, allowing the sphere to go unnoticed. Two seconds. An officer shoots one of the other crew members, sending him spiraling to the floor. Three Seconds. Three more kids run past the wall, not noticing the girl standing behind it. Me. Four seconds. The sphere explodes mid air, thirty to forty feet in the air. 

         The targeted copter's tail explodes along with the ball, sending it soaring toward a building across the street. A huge wall from the building blows off and falls onto the coppers below. The coppers stop in their tracks, and run back toward the ladder going down into the alleyway below, and some of the crew stop to watch the explosive display in the sky. 

         Running out of the shadow, Luke and Nick pat me on the back whilst running with me to the targeted meet. It takes about fifteen more minutes to get there, where we find Henry, May and Newman. 

          "Hey Hil," May says, removing her black jeans. I jump out of the cool shower, and wrap the white towel around my waist. "You know covering you vagina doesn't change that your breasts are fully exposed." 

        "Hah," I grunt. "Unless you're planning on taking snaps, remove your eyes from my breasteses." We both laugh, and I pull my under shirt on. The black shirt sticks to my wet body, and it feels gross. 

        "Hey," She exclaims. "Be careful what you wish for." She walks past me and jokingly winks at me. Again, we both laugh and I pull my blue jeans up my thighs. Sometimes, these tight as jeans annoy the hell out of me. When the designers dressed all in elegant cloth made these, did they ever think to take into account girls with thick thighs. 

         It was always a struggle to get dressed. 

         With May latching onto my arm, we walk out of the room and into the rambunctious halls. Everyone accelerated more than we, but we still managed to make it to mess hall. I'm may not have yet confined to the normal ways of this place, but I surely made due. 

         The hall is filled with cries of laughter and joy as they discussed what we did only hours before. The more people to enter, the louder it got, and the louder it got, the more unpleasant people came up. The more unpleasant people there were, the more fights almost started. 

          Finally, after a half-hour of bullshitting, the room fell silent as he stepped toward to mic. He clears his throat, and steps forward to the brown podium. His beautiful skin glows in the bright lights, and his white teeth shine brightly. His posture is straight and he wears black from chest to toes. 

           "People," his voice amuses. "Settle down, settle down." After the room becomes filled with laughter, he seems pleased that people were amused. By Him. 

            "Today... was a great day filled with great achievement, reprisal, and underdogs! I'd like to congratulate and thank you guys, for the completion of one our hardest heists of the year; Bank of Central. Thus far, our identities are yet to be found and we now own two hundred million, fifty-four thousand dollars."

             His voice is measured and cold. He seems pleased and his body is nothing but relaxed, unlike yesterday. He smiles today, and his face is bright red. He is one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen, and everything about him turned me on.

             "Tomorrow, we will be rewarding Hillary Fitzgerald, Henry O'Neil, Robert Young, and Yolanda Davis. Please be kind and welcoming to these new initiates! Thank you."

             And with that closing, he steps down from the podium, fixes his jacket, and walks back into the shadows. I'v never seen him anywhere but in here, and I wanted so desperately to talk to him. 

               "I'll be right back, M," I whisper lowly. She nods, and I run out the double doors, and down the dimly lit halls. The mess hall used a lot of the energy of this building. I run to his office, and knock on the door. What am I going to say to him? Besides, he's probably just going to shun me away. 

                After a minute of no reply, I knock once again. No reply. 

                I back away from the brown door, and walk toward my locker room. I left my phone in my bag, and I needed it to call my brother. There was no way I was going to find him, and if I did, he wouldn't talk to me. When I arrive inside my locker room, I walk over to my locker, but the locker says M-135 instead of W-135. Oops wrong locker room, I think. 

                 I walk toward the exit, laughing in my head, but stop when I hear his voice. 

                "Hilary?" He says. I don't turn around, as his voice startles me and I begin to feel nervous. "Is that you?"

               "Justin," I stutter, which I mentally smack myself for. I hear him step forward on the wet ground, but only one single step. 

                 "Why aren't you turning around, Hillary?" He asks, and I swallow nervously. I slowly turn around to find him standing there in nothing. Read what I wrote. I didn't say in nothing but a towel. He was literally wearing nothing. I quickly cover my eyes in panic, and I hear him laugh. "Would it make you feel comfortable if I put on a towel?" 

                  I say nothing and keep my eyes closed behind my hands. My cheeks feel extremely warm, which means y ears do as well. Five minutes goes by, and suddenly I feel his grip on my hands, prying them from my face. I keep my eyes close, but I feel his lips on my ears. "Relax, Hil. I'll take care of you." 

                  His grip on me becomes tighter, but not in the scary, he's about to rape me way. More like "I'm going to keep you safe". When I open my eyes, I look down his beautiful body, all the way from his eyes to his large partner. He pins me against on of the lockers and stares into one of my eyes. 

                   "God," He whispers. "You're so sexy." He brushes the strand of hair away from my face and begins to kiss me. The room goes completely silent and my spine convulses with energy and passion. He holds the back of my head as his tongue battles with mine, and he grabs my breast with the other. 

                   He grinds on me slowly as I'm pinned against the locker and kisses me, and I feel his partner start to rise. He pulls away from the kiss, revealing a slight second of awkwardness. 

                    "You know," He says. "It's slightly less weird if you're naked too." He licks his lips, and I smell his sexy minty breath. I can't do this. 

                       "Justin," I stutter once more. "I don't think I'm... I'm-" 

                   "Let me do all the work, baby." He places his finger to my lips. Suddenly, I feel one of his fingers creeping inside of my pants, and my body starts to shake. I'm scared and he realizes, so he kisses me again. A tear falls out my face, but for some reason I feel protected by him. 

                    "Don't cry babe," He whispers with a wink. "Imma make you feel nice and new." 

                    He kneels on the floor, and slowly removes my pants. 




Heyyyy <3

This type of novel is slightly different for me to write, so I may not be that good lol I'm exciting to start this and hope you all like it. If it's offensive for any reason please tell me!


And sorry for the cliff-hanger. Chapter two continues ;)

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