Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )

A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty.


5. Compromise

The room is completely dark, with the exception of the light coming from the ajar door. 

Everything moves too fast to tell what's really going on, but I watch as silhouettes dance in the shadows. They move freakishly fast, and only one moves elegantly as it takes each opponent down. There must be at least four to five people fighting, and I lay on the ground in a daze.

My body goes completely numb and my vision slowly fades, but I fight from going completely blind. The tears stream down my face from the struggle. Dried tears make my skin burn and I struggle while trying to wipe my face. Suddenly, the room feels freezing and my vision clears up to reveal the continuing combat between the shadows. One of them lay on the floor and the other points something at his head.

"Get the hell off of me," an all-too familiar voice barks. His voice is filled with power and authority and it makes my desire for him only strengthen. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are," says another voice. This time, the voice remains unfamiliar, but also seems to hold some sort of authoritative growl. There's a quick shuffle as Justin swings up at the bulky silhouette, and the shadow lets out a loud howl. 

They continuously take turns swinging at each other through the dark atmosphere, until finally another one comes to assist in fighting Justin. 

"Imma show you what it's like to be a real man," one of them says. His hand comes up in the air and goes down to connect with Justin's face. There's a slight grunt, but no more than that, so they continuously take turns striking him. My heart practically lurches out of my chest at the sound of fist connecting with bone, and I slowly try to get up. 

I calculate my surroundsing in my struggle, and look to see a knife just a few feet away. I have no time to fully stand. I dart toward the blade and grasp it in my hand. Immediately, I roll to an upwards stance and slowly walk over to one of the guys. One second goes by. They continuously batter him aimlessly. Two seconds go by. He struggles but he's able to punch one of them in the kneecap. Three seconds go by. They remain standing over him, but the moon light starts to pour out into the room through the windows. Four seconds go by. Oh my god is that -

Before I can finish my thought, a shot is fired into the air from behind. The movement in the room immediately comes to a stop, and the lights slowly flicker on, one light at a time. 

"What in the literal hell is going on in here," J.T says. His voice remains subtle and calm, but I hear his heavy breathing from over here. I slowly turn around and drop the knife to my side, coming to a complete standstill salute. He gives me a weird look and walks right past me to the boys. I relax and watch him as he speaks to Justin.

"What's going on," he asks with genuine confusion. 

"Huh," Justin stammers. He seems a little confused at his surroundings. "Sorry, I must of blacked out."

"It's okay, Sir," J.T nods. Finally, he points in the direction of the two other boys. "And them?" 

"Simpson and Escriete were in direct violation of our sexual misconduct code 4737." Justin walks over to stand by J.T. With a look of disgust he waves them off. 

"They also assaulted me and I honestly don't wish to seem them here." 

With that, Justin claps the heels of his boots and walks away. Before I can even follow, he shuns me away. What the hell?

"Did I-" I start. 

"I'll talk to you later," he whispers lightly. "I can't deal with this right now." 

And with that, I watch as his beautifully crafted body becomes nothing but a tiny white dot in the hallway. 


We sit on the curb of a side street.

"He wants us to meet in the center," May says, staring blankly in the distance.

"What's it this time?" Joshua mutters. His blue eyes flutter from me to her.

"I'm not sure," She replies. "He said something about code infractions."

"Code infractions." I repeat. I wonder what exactly he's going to say. I can't help but to think about the past day and how quickly it's shifted in different directions. 

"Yeah," she awards. "Why haven't we gone to bed yet?"

Josh and I both chuckle, but it's true. It feels like we've been running and crying all day. Welcome to The Heist.

"For now, you go on and get to your room," M says. "Hil and I will be just fine walking back to Cots."

"You sure you don't need assistance?" The way he says it actually sounds serious, and judging by the smirk, it was.

"No, we'll be just fine." I quickly offer. M and I walk away with my hands in my jacket and hers to her side. She looks sort of flushed and for some reason it doesn't seem to be about the day. I shrug it off when we arrive to the Cots only moments later. 

"Where've you been," Yolanda, the other initiate, asks. 

"None of your business," I snap. She looks around to see who's watching and gets closer to me.

"When Yolanda asks you a question, she expects and answer." 

"Well when I say none of my business, it means fuck off." 

I push past here and walk over to my cot. When I turn around to hop on top of the bunk, she's back in my face and her face is red.

"Wanna run that by me again?" She asks. I pull out my pocket knife and flip it open in front of her face. 

"Fuck. Off." She laughs at me and takes out her pocket knife which is slightly larger. Still, it remains smaller than her large man hands. 

"I must truly be hearing things," she condescends. "This bitch thinks she's about some life she's not."

"Bitch?" I say with venom. I don't even stop to think. I throw my knife to the ground and slam my fist into her manly jawbone. She twists backward but comes back to swing the knife at my face. It comes inches from cutting my face and I lunge at her face with my head. 

It hurts like hell, but I don't stop swinging. I tackle her to the ground and she falls on her face. She screams at me and I grab her wrist before she can shank my side. "Who's the bitch now?" 

I slam her hand into the corner of the bed and the blade falls from her hand. 

"Hilary!" May yells from behind. "I've been away from you for two seconds!" 

She pulls me off of the girl, but I continue to swing at air. Yolanda stays on the ground and for a second I actually think she's dead. But, I watch as she breaths there worthlessly. Where the hell is Justin. 

"What the hell happened," M scolds. I look at her with nothing less then the violence burning in my eyes. I honestly wish I'd stabbed that girl in the chest. Watch her call me a bitch then. 

"She wasn't minding her business," I muttered. I kid you not, she chuckles. 

"Next time you decide to fight, make sure she doesn't almost kill you."

I laugh with her, and instantly I loosen up. I'm glad she took me under her wing today, but then again, I've been with Justin all day. Yolana stand and looks at me with pure anger, but she eventually gives in and walks away.

"We've got that meeting tomorrow," I start. "Time to hit the hay."

"You're right," M says. "What do you think he's gonna talk about?"

"Code Violations," I mock. She chuckles.

"Yeah, but what do you think he's gonna say?" She stares at me with those curious eyes she has. Her blue eyes shine in the moonlight from the agape window. How should I know?

"I don't know," I say. "We'll see tomorrow."

And with that, I lay back on my cot and face the open window. I place my busted headphones in my ear and as I listen to my two favorite songs on replay, my mind drifts off into the wonders of outer space. The stars shining bright in the sky- some brighter than others- and the bright crescent shaped moon plastered directly in the middle. Tonight, the moon resembles the beauty of the sky just a few hours ago during sunset. It's orange hue making this moon stand out more than any other time I've looked at the sky.

And so I look on, whilst becoming saddened by the true and close lyrics of the song. Both, in a sense, talking about unrequited love and the loneliness that comes along with it. The darkness of the song slowly wrapping around my body, and I find myself in a sort of deep trance as I look far into the craters of the orange moon.

For some reason, I can't exactly point it out, but this moment feels real and sincere. Like the lines of a movie finally jumping out and became lines of my life. I always dream of movie love and the perks that come along with it. That even the awkward relationships were sort of romanticized, and that's what I want. I want a relationship that felt fought for and deserved.

Suddenly, thoughts from every direction start to embody my mind like bubble wrap wrapped around a piece of glass. Please God, don't pop it.

The moon is suddenly a representation of so many things, and my mind begins to find random metaphors in such a metaphorical world. The stars begin to become more than just large balls of gasses, and the moon becomes more than just rock. I feel that no matter how close the moon looks in my reach, the farther I'd have to travel to actually acquire it. And even if I did, by some chance, travel to the moon, there would be no way to actually hold it. Instead, I can only hold the left overs of chipped wrong and the constant struggle for oxygen

Even though the moon holds so much hurt and betrayal and loneliness, I can't help but to stare. In fact, I go from thinking the moon is beautiful to completely becoming enamored with it. And it's because of this, I literally can not stop staring. When it disappears, my only connection with him is removed.

Because no matter how foolish it sounded, I hoped that he was on the other side staring right back at me.


We sit in a field of white and red lilies. 

The cool breeze flows through my hair and feels amazing on my skin; almost too amazing to be true. The atmosphere smells amazing and my heart races so fast that I worry about it bursting out of my chest. His lips feel amazing and warm as they caress my cold hand. My stomach turns and anxiety starts to swarm around my body. 

"You're so beautiful," He whispers. He kisses from my hand, all the way up to my neck and I gulp. My body becomes burning hot, and I fight the urge to kiss his lips. He kisses my neck slowly and softly, taking care to be gentle with me. "Be mine."

I look to his beautiful brown eyes as they shine light in the sunlight. His smile is plastered on his face as if made to be a masterpiece. He has a slightly visible scar on his cheek, and it looks so cute as he smiles. 

"I'll forever take care of you," he says. "Even after we both die."

Before I can open my mouth, his lips come up to mine and we freeze. His breath is cool against my skin and smells like mint. His hand comes up to hold my face in his embrace, he looks at me with sensuality and desire. He comes closer to my lips and my heart races even faster. 

Finally, and disappointingly, he turns his attention to my ear and nibbles on it. We both chuckle and he comes back for my lips. The world freezes as I close my eyes, and we sit there for what feels like an eternity. The eternity ends quickly and I open my eyes to see nothing but darkness.

The lilies are gone and the air seems to have evaporated into space. 

"Justin," I call out. There's no answer for a few moments, but suddenly I hear a mumble in the distance. I try to get up, but my body's frozen to the ground. 

"Hilary," his voice whispers. Suddenly, his face reveals to my left and he's pitch white. "Don't do it."

"Don't do what," I say. He keeps repeating himself as if I can't hear him, but his voice slowly gets softer until it becomes nothing but a faint whisper. 


"HILARY," someone whispers loudly, waking me right out my sleep. I scream when I see his face peering at me from above and he quickly places his hand over my mouth. 

"Shhh." He places a finger up to his lips and I stop screaming when I realize it's just him. When he removes his hand I take a deep breath. 

"What the hell are you doing here?" I say. A sly smirk spreads across his chiseled face and I suddenly worry about his intentions. "Well?"

"I have a surprise for you." He pulls me out of bed like a wrestler and cradles me in his arms. "You have no choice now." 

He slowly tiptoes from the Cot, and walks us out the door and into the cool morning air. It's still kind of dark, but the orange moon is practically replaced by the sunrise. The beams of light shine from in between the tall trees and the field stretches far into the distance. 

"How deserted is this place?" I ask, shocked at how hidden we really are. I don't remember walking this deep into woods.

"Let's just say deserted is an understatement." 

I don't really ask any more questions until we get to a cave and he places me in the grass. He removes his shirt but keeps on his pants, and he searches for something in the woods. 

"Do you have a phone?" He asks.

"Yeah, an IPhone, but I don't have any reception." He nods his head, so I throw him the phone. He turns the flashlight on and he starts searching again. There's some clattering coming from his direction, but when it stops he comes back holding a wooden stick enclosed in some transparent, skin tight, plastic holder. 

He lights the top of the wood, and liquid-like light pours into the cracks of the stick. It looks hand crafted and leaves me in awe of its wonder. He sees my face and smiles widely at my amazement. 

"Not too bad, huh," he smirks. 

"Not too bad is an understatement," I laugh. He comes up to me and lays by me. I lay my head on his chest and he twirls the stick in one hand as he caresses my hair with the other. I sit up and sit on his body with my legs wrapped around his sides. 

"You're so sexy when you try to be cute," I say, licking my lips. His cheeks go flush red, and places the stick on a stand beside us. He wraps is arms around my waist and his eyes pierce mine. 

"You're just naturally sexy," he says to me. I feel my body go warm and I begin to stutter over my words. Instead, he sits up and we smash lips. His kisses are slow and filled with passion as he quickly exhilarates my body. His hands caress my chest and I grab his hair. He bites my lip and my heart races ten times faster. 

His body feels amazing against mine, and I can't resist the urge to feel his chiseled abs. His heart races to the patterns of mine until it reaches complete syncopation. He pulls off my shirt and throws it to the side, and he continues to caress and kiss me. 

My skin goes cold and I shiver, but he keeps going. Everything in me cries out to feel his body, so I unbutton his jeans. He lets me go, but puts his hand on mine for me to stop. 

"Hold on," he says. "Stand." 

He pushes me against the tree and kisses my neck. It rest against the tree as he sends a wave of goosebumps to spread all over my skin. He slowly puts his hands in my pants and begins to caress me. I moan and bite my bottom lip from the immense pleasure. After a few moments of playing with me, he rips my underwear off with is teeth and looks up at me.

"Shall we finish what we started," he whispers. "There's no explosion that'll stop us baby." 

And with that he begins to lick, my body goes numb and tingly, and it's just me and him in that moment. I hold his head, but I'm thankful I don't have to guide him.






I'm so sorry I've been gone for as long as I have, some stuff has just been going on in the world of MrBieber. But, I am back and ready to write!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this chapter, and I had fun writing it. If anyone is offended when reading this book/ chapter, please let me know. My intentions are not to offend, they are to entertain =P


Ps. Sorry for the cliffhanger, it most definitely continues in chapter seis (six). 


PPS. How do you feel about the new cover? Please tell me pleasepleassepleaseplease <3



MrBieber <3

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