You and I


6. Trouble

Alicia's POV

I grab my bike and ride over to Harry's . His mother answered the door.

"Hello, Alicia. Have you seen Harry at all he's not home yet." Ann said. I look at my watch.

It's. 8:30 pm and Harry is not home yet?! I can't believe it. Maybe he had a late shift at the bakery. "I'll check the bakery." I told Anne.

"Thank you Alicia." She said closing the door. I ride over to the bakery and look in the window to see a sight I didn't want to see. Harry was talking to Eliza and the Fakes!. I stumbled backwards for a second and I burst in the door.

"Harry! How could you blow me off for them! I told you that I needed to talk to you but you didn't come! Who are you?!" I yell at him

"Why don't we talk now?!" He asked smirking at me.

" It was important and private Harry !" I yelled he knew important meant private to me

Then Eliza grabbed her smoothie and walked over to me

"Hey why don't you back off, Harry's mine now." She smiled than poured it on me.

My wavy hair was now flat and soggy. My white crop top and light blue jeans now soaked in blueberry.

"Oops, my bad." She said innocently. Harry ran over to me and lead me to the back. He grabbed a towel and and put it around my shoulders

"Oh, Ally I'm so sorry I left you guys for them. Why don't we talk tomorrow? He kissed my forehead and started to shut the ovens down .

I looked out front and say everyone left. "Harry I've got to go, see you tomorrow." I call and go to grab my bike. Great, it was stolen. Argh! Can't they just leave me alone! I start to cry and walk home.

When I reach home I finally can relax. I pass out on a couch and that's all I remember after that.

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