You and I


4. no drama

Louis POV

I could tell Alicia was bothered by this Harry

And Eliza business . I was quite bothered too. I knew Harry ha had a humongous crush on both Eliza and Alicia but I promised not to tell anyone. Not even my own mum knows.

"Louis, do you thing Harry will leave us for the Pops?" Alicia asked. We were both huddled in the treehouse we built when we were nine.

"You know I can't promise anything , Ally . But I hope not." I turn to her. She was looking at a picture of all of us. I could tell she missed him. He hasn't talked to us for 3 days now. Not a single word.

I come over and hug her. She hugged me back. We pulled away and looked at each other . And no we did not kiss, we swore not to kiss each other on the lips. So I kissed her forehead .

"Louis , I'm going to talk to him."

"No your not , you stay put. I don't want drama ." I looked out the window. I was windy but not too windy. It was starting to get dark.

"Hey Louis you can crash at my house if you want." She offered. I said yes.

She has an extra bed under her bed in case one of us want to sleep over. We head to the house she gets me my pjs I leave here and I

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