You and I


1. jealous

August 29th

Today I shall start a new school year with a bunch of kids I've never met, but I also start with every middle schooler I went to school with.

Our second high school shut down 2 years in.

But the bad part about that was , Eliza Robinson. She will destroy anyone who gets in her way. She loves to pick on me.

I finally got away from her when we went to different high schools but then her school shut down and now she's back. She's a blonde she-devil.

She's picked on me since I became friends with her crush Harry Styles in 2nd grade. I personally do not get what she sees in him. He is just some cheeky kid who happened to be my friend.

Eliza has tried to break that friendship so many times and never succeeded .

"Miss Lopez, pay attention please!" Mr. Arnold said breaking my thought. "Sorry, Mr.A!" I called out. I blush once I see the whole class staring at me

"Nice one, Alicia ." My friend Louis says turning to me "Thanks, don't even try." I brag to him "Oh Shut it , Ally." Louis punches my arm.

"Mr Tomlinson!" Mr. A warns and Louis frowns

The bell rings and the class immediately rushes out the door. I was almost out the door before I get tripped. I look up to see Eliza and her fake friends, Jana Fergison and Caterina Mellark snickering at me.

Harry comes to my rescue helping me up. I hug him thanks and smile at Eliza . She stomps her foot and walks away."What was that about?" Harry asks as we walk down the hall,"Oh you know, miss queen bees jealous of me." I giggle as Harry frowns

"God I hate her constant flirting, can't she leave me be!" Harry fumes.

"I do not know." I turn to Harry , say goodbye and walk to my next class.

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