You and I


5. Harry

Alicia's POV

I had to talk to Harry , I mumble to myself as soon as I wake up.

I look over at Louis and I shake him awake.

"Morning, love." He said half asleep.

"Louis I'm going to talk to Harry after school wether you like it or not." I proudly stand up with my hands on my curvy hips.

"That's a girl." Louis stands up looking me eye to eye.we both rush to get ready and run out the door. We love to race each other to school.

I usually win, which i did today

"Bye, Tommo!" I call walking into class. I sit down and pull out my book. Time sure does fly cause soon everyone is spilling in one by one.

I see Harry and I take my chance

"Hey , Hazza." I say nervously

"Oh hey Ally what's up?" He looks me in the eyes."I need to talk to you after school. It's kind of important." I make sure I'm not showing to much hope as I wait for an answer.

"Um ya sure." He answers with a smile and I walk over to my desk. Not bad Lopez, Not bad. I smile to myself with pride.

Soon enough it's time to go home and I wait for Harry .

I keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting

Maybe he went to my house. I run over there but he's not there. It's so not like him to be late. Soon the day is over and still no sign of Harry .

Where the bagel is Harry ?!

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