Im dating a physco


1. the physco

I woke up and put on my favorite blue tank top and I put on some shorts I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast I got some toast and spread some jam on it I took a bite yum I said out loud I made some more toast and spread some more jam on it and put in a ziplock bag then I put it in my one strap backpack I grabbed my skate board and raced all the way to school when I got their I met my BFF in the locker room hey I said hey have you seen the cute new kid yet no what's his name his name his name is Eric Tores oh well see you later I have to go to class oh ok my friend says il see you later I left and went to math class you are late again miss Applewhite right when he said that the whole class looked at me please take a seat my teacher says so I took a seat fight next to a boy my teacher said ok every one please welcome Eric Tores to math class my teacher says wave your hand Eric he waves his hand and then I asked myself is he the cute new boy that my friend was talking about it had to be him I said to my self because he's cute and because he has the same name that my friend was talking about

(Ring)wait end of class already wow that was fast everyone left except me and Eric he said hi I said-

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