A sisters Promise

The battle of Hogwarts has ended and the dark lord has fallen. Narcissa Malfoy and Rodophus Lestrange had lost someone very important to the both of them in the battle. They set out to find a pendant, more powerful then the deathly hallows stone, that can bring her back. But will they be able to overcome the challenges that await them?


2. the stranger

The morning came. Rodolphus was in my tent when I woke. He was asleep sitting up, right next to me. I woke him up worried that he was here because something happened. "What are doing in here?" I asked. "You don't remember?" I shook my head. "You got really freaked out in the middle of night. Said you thought you had seen someone. So I decided to stay." I could see why my sister liked Rodolphus, he had a way of calming people down. "Thanks" I said. hesitating,......"wait. I said I saw someone?" he nodded his head. I tried to think back, it felt like a dream. There was a stranger, in a black cloak, out side the camp. It couldn't have been real It decided.  We both got ready and headed out to the village where Rodolphus had meet the man. He asked the people in the village if they new who he was, but all said no. We went into a bar to ask to more villagers. Rodolphus talked to a group of women at the counter while I ordered us a drink. I turned around to head back over to Rodolphus with are drinks when I saw him. The stranger from last night. He, or she, all I could see were there eyes, was staring right at me. I dropped the glasses at the sight of him, terrified, and the stranger aparated out of the bar. Rodolphus came running over. "what happened?! he asked. "n-nothing...i just...tripped. did those girls no who the man was?" I said, quickly changing the subject not feeling it was important. "sadly not. no one claims to have ever even seen him in the village." disappointed and terrified, i just wanted to go back to camp. Rodolphus picked up on this and we headed back. on the way, I debated weather I should tell him about the stranger or not, and voted against it. He already had enough to worry about, and it didn't seem like the stranger wanted anything to do with him. When we reached camp the whole thing had been destroyed. "oh no! what could have happened?!" I cried. "not clue. Ill go look around." he said. he went to the other side of the broken camp. Hearing someone coming I turned around. The stranger was running at me, his wand in hand. I had left my wand in my tent, which was now destroyed. I searched for it in the ruble but could not find it anywhere. As the stranger grew closer I screamed for Rodolphus. A few seconds later I saw a blast of green light from the area he was in. only one spell could create that, and there was not a word from him no matter how many times I screamed his name. tears formed in my eyes. finally finding my wand, I found the stranger about a foot away from me. He cast some spell that I couldn't understand. I used A disarming spell and was able to push him away from the area. once he was gone, not thinking of anything else, I ran over to where the green light had been when Rodolphus ran up behind me saying my name. I screamed from the surprise and burst into tears. "I thought you were dead! what was that green light?!" I screamed while crying. "there was a bear. it was what did this to the camp." relived that he was alright I hugged him never wanting to let go. when I finally did, he brushed my long blond hair from the side of my face, and looked at me intensely. "what are you?" -  he cut me off. "your hurt." whatever spell the stranger used had cut the side of my face pretty bad. He used magic to heal it. after all that had happened, I had no choice. I had to tell him about the stranger. 

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