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1. Chapter four: The Feeling

Chapter Four: The feeling

Harry Styles P.O.V-

I'm so glad Kaytlyn will be able to come with me to Paris. I am loving to just think that I will spend 3 weeks in Paris with her.

I got a text in the afternoon from Louis.

"Hey bud" he texted.

"Hey Louis, how is your summer going?" I asked.

"It's going great. I'm in Paris." he texted.

"Really? I'll be there next week with my friend Kaytlyn." I texted.

"That's awesome! we might be able to see eachother and this ' Kaytlyn ' "friend" of yours.." He wrote back.

"That would be cool. Yes Louis, Kaytlyn is my best friend acctualy." I answered.

"Okay.. whatever you say Harry." He said.

"Got to go bye." I said

"Bye Harry, see you in a week!" he said.

This will be a heck of an adventure.

Mrs.Lander P.O.V-

My daughter is grown up. But I feel she dosen't tell me things, which I would toatally respect. I get it. She is growing up, but I think this Harry Styles guy is some kind of affection in her life. Something that if she loses she will be hurt. I don't want that.

I think this trip to Paris will be a great thing for her, she never left the country. The only place she could have gotten near was Canada. Her father used to be so over protective. I had to kinda force him in letting her go to Paris. In the bottom of his feelings, he dosen't want his little girl going on a trip with a boy that is older then her. I understand him. She is my little girl. Daddy's little princess. But if she knows I had to force her father in letting her go on a trip, I see disapointment.

Kaytlyn's P.O.V-

I got home and my mother had gone to the hair salon. So there was my dad. Waiting for me.

"Hi hunny, had fun?" he asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"You bought...pants?" he guesses looking confused, also I felt it in a way as if I wasn't suppose to spend his money of clothing. Sorry. But I don't have allouence.

"Yeah. My pants were pretty old and small." I said.

"Hm, alright then. I'm just gonna.. take a shower." he said concerned while walking away.

Uhg. Sometimes I feel like I bother him. I can't go anywhere that he already feels over protecting.

I'm sixteen.


I remembered about how much Harry loved to sing. He loves a band. One Direction.

He used to stay on twitter all day, and youtube. But there acctualy was a secret. He went on the X-Factor.

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