18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


1. Prologue

July 17, 1996 

 Third person POV-

Nurses roam around the hospital in a hurry, a couple patients cry out in pain. A tune plays all around the hospital as another baby has been brought into the world. They are streaming the news on all televisions on the 13th floor of the hospital. Mothers hold their newborn babies close as they hear what comes on the television. Mother's feeling sorry for the woman who is now talking to cops in hope of finding Victoria.

"Tiny Victoria Hemmings was less than a day old when she was taken from the St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday night.

A woman dressed as a nurse said she was taking the infant to be weighed, but carried the newborn out of the hospital and drove away with her in a car sporting a "baby on board" sticker. The woman is suspected to be Eva Donavan and that she has fled the country. 

This has started a worldwide amber alert for the newborn baby. If you spot a baby with blue eyes blonde hair and birth mark on her left wrist, then please contact your local police." A man says reading off the screen. His eyes show a look of pure sadness as he is close friends with the family. 

Older brothers, Ben and Jack, of the tiny baby are worried sick as they hold their baby brother close. The woman took only their sister, but they want her back so they each have one to hold.  Liz Hemmings is crying as she has only a tiny bracelet to remind herself she indeed had another baby along with Luke. They were twins, but a woman took his sister. Andrew Hemmings is hoping they find both the baby and woman alive, so she can rot in jail for taking his little angel. After tonight he just wants to hold his family close to him and never let them go.

Police are racing around everywhere looking for the baby in the red sports car. Other police are checking every woman who lands with a baby. Only if they knew, that Eve was long gone and in hiding with her new baby.

Eve lost her baby and needed a new one to take home. She was sick and head and didn't know it yet. The baby she has cradled in her arms would never know that she was taken from her real family by her new mom. She was just staring at the bright colors. Eve had planned this long and hard; she just had to find the right baby that look like little Lilac that she lost.

Lilac Donovan would soon become Lilac Baucom and Eve was becoming a new person. She changed her looks to match her daughter even to the extreme of surgery. With a new start in life under the name of Tracy Baucom and her husband becoming Allen Baucom. They had gone to major extremes of faking deaths to collect money and buying a house in United States. As the news was Blaring the Amber Alert they were making sure to keep Lilac out of public. This was a new beginning for the small family. 

They made it thought just fine at the airport as they looked like a family that was sad for the family that lost their baby, they were great actors. The got a car and were never suspected of anything weird about their baby. They got away with abducting a baby and no one ever seen from the Donovan’s again. 

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