18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


4. Packing

Lilac's POV-

"You will be automatically be sent to live with your birth family." A lawyer says to me. I nod my head. Isn't that what I was doing anyway?

"Can I go home now?" I ask tired. I just want to go to sleep.

"Sure, it gives you time to pack and say goodbye. Your able to leave the 19th." The Lawyer says getting Liz...mom to sign papers upon papers.

I get up and see Meghan and Stan waiting on me. Ben offers to take me home, but I tell him I rather ride with the offier. I don't trust anyone right now, but cops. A man escorts me to to the car and takes me home.

"You okay by yourself?" He asks. I nod my head and walk inside the house where I grew up. I walk around and look at photos. I trusted them so much and they lied to my face. It's not even like I'm Lilac, my name is Victoria. I change into pajamas and climb into bed hoping this is all a dream.

"Wake up." I hear someone whisper in my ear. I flick them away and roll over.

"Go away." I mumble into my pillow. They laugh and start pulling me up.

"You have to pack, you leave tomorrow for Australia. " Stan says from beside Meghan.

"I don't wanna!" I whine stomping my feet.

They laugh and walk out. How did they even get in? I push those thoughts aside and climb in the shower. I don't want to start life over with people I don't even know. I get out the shower and put on clothes. I dry my hair and brush it. I walk downstairs and see them cooking food.

"Why are you here?" I ask Stan. Don't they have school?

"A friend of mine just found out she was living with her kidnappers for 18 years. I think school wouldn't mind me skipping." He says giving me a plate of food. I take a cautious bite. It is actually really good.

"Who knew a quarterback could cook." I say laughing. He glares and walks to the door as the doorbells rings.

"Lily your...um brother is here." He yells. Luke comes walking into the kitchen. He smiles and sits beside me. I look and see we both curve our backs when we sit.

"What ya doing here brow?" I ask him. I see him smile before turning the stool and looking at me.

"I'm here to help you pack your stuff." He says stealing a piece of bacon off my plate. Yep he is my brother for sure.

"Alright you can finish this then meet me upstairs." I say pushing my plate over to him. He smiles and grabs a piece of bacon before following me.

"I'll pack your furniture stuff." He says grabbing a box and bubble wrap.

I start laughing as he pops the bubbles instead of wrapping picture frames with it. I shake my head and go into my closet and start packing all my clothes. I should have known being an only child and getting everything I wanted something was wrong in my life. Mom never showed pictures of her when she was little, neither did dad. They just has pictures from when I was out the hospital and up. I never seen maternity pictures or anything.

"Okay were done!" Luke says taping up a final box as I zip up a final suitcase. Sydney here I come, maybe you won't be full of lies.

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